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Node Js changed PayPal into thriving online service: Why & How

Node Js changed PayPal – How Node Js changed PayPal has become a pretty hotshot topic. Possibly due to the PayPal working performance or popularity in the different regions. However, one thing with surety is that with Node Js, its popularity really has skyrocketed a lot. Not only that, many other applications n and brands have decided and are changing to Node Js for development. That undoubtedly has riveted the users’ interest to purchase and look out for Best Node Js Hosting providers. So let’s take a glance at this scenario.

Node Js itself is an open-source and back-end JavaScript runtime environment with cross-platform ability. It suits best for fast and scalable applications and data-intensive real-time application development primarily due to its light weight-ness and efficiency. In addition, its event-driven and non-blocking I/O model readily assists for data-intensive real-time applications.


At the same time, PayPal is an online payments system introduced by an American multinational financial technology, PayPal Holdings, Inc. Users can opt for electronic transactions instead of traditional paper approaches like checks, money orders, and dollars bills.

This online service is workable in almost all the major countries that have the facility of online money transfers. To be exact, it operates in more than 200 countries, and the best part is it supports 25 currencies.

Following PayPal’s usability and security, people trust PayPal to send and receive payments over borders and language barriers effortlessly. All they need is a secure internet account to proceed with the online transactions. Currently, PayPal has 377 million active registered user accounts and is expected to escalate even more. That’s where the query of how Node Js changed PayPal into a thriving online service to this extent comes into mind.

Why does PayPal shift from JAVA to Node Js?

JAVA was the language that PayPal has in its core and initially used JavaScript code for its front-end. Besides, two different teams, each working for the server and the other for the software, seemed to be the stumbling block.

The application itself was facing a setback because of this difference between the browser and the server. Also, the desire to go for new algorithms and security hardening isn’t easy to opt for. So the app needs the viable platform and expertise of the full stack developers that can take care of both sides hand in hand.

Thankfully, this another platform unearthing ends on the Node Js. Eventually, the application got the easy and quick way to opt for JavaScript for both browser and server.

How Node Js changed PayPal?

  • Same Language for Browser and the Server 

Node Js allow the app to use JavaScript, one programming language for writing the browser and the server ends applications. In return, the project got handled by one team. That means joining engineering specialties, understanding, troubleshooting both sides’ problems, and smoothly catering to customer needs.

  • Less Coding & Files

It is said that Node Js lessened the coding lines by 33% and files by 40% in comparison to the initial Java-based application. That means it readily speeded up the development.

  • Faster Loading Times 

Another interesting fact is that PayPal has become twice as fast as it was before. For instance, the average response time for the same page has been reduced by 35%. To be precise, the pages (content/ functioning) are being delivered 200ms faster than before.

  • High Performance 

The end-result PayPal application is more dynamic and has a pretty improved UI in contrast to the previous one. Moreover, Node Js doubled the requests per second.

  • Lower Costs 

The development and migration needed only a few engineers and required less coding and files. In short, fewer technical resources and human engineer resources really lowered the development cost.

That is all for now on how and why Node Js changed PayPal and what the outcome was. By far, it seems to be a superb choice of PayPal for selecting and shifting to Node Js. You can also have a website, application, or online services and smoothly communicate with your business customers and audience. Choosing Node Js for development and purchasing Node Js Web Hosting to host your web entity in a practicable environment will be the ideal approach.

Navicosoft sets forth Best Node Js Hosting at affordable prices. Other noticeable features include but are not limited to one-click installation, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 assistance from a highly-experienced support team.

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