Online Quran classes for kids

Every parent wishes the best Online Quran classes for kids in their children’s lives, here and in the afterlife. Parents can only offer their children the best in this world and the next by teaching them the Book of Allah SWT.

As we all know from experience, it is important to start learning things young. Because the teachings stay in the mind of the child just like a stone carving. This is why many parents make every effort to teach their children Quran teaching, so they can be fun and enjoy it.

Riwaq Al Azhar Institute is a great place to learn Quran for children. We offer unique online Quran classes designed for all ages.

About This Course

This course has been specially created for children. It offers a fun environment where they can learn Quran. By the end, the students will be capable of reciting the Quran accurately according to the Tajweed rules.

The online Quran classes are for kids average that students complete the memorization in three to five years. This depends on how hard the child is willing to learn and how many lessons they attend per week.

What Your Child Can Learn

Free evaluation sessions will be offered to students in order to assess their level. The students will be offered the opportunity to take foundational classes or join Hifz and recitation classes.


These classes were created for children who do not have prior Quran knowledge. We will begin with the basics and Noorani Qaida. Next, we will move onto the Quranic words.

By the end of the course, students will be able read Quran in an Arabic accent. This is achieved by learning how to pronounce Arabic letters at their respective points of articulation. Teaching Tajweed for Kids is also a priority. Our young learners will be able to learn basic Tajweed rules from the beginning of their journey to learning Quran.

InshaAllah this short foundational course can be completed within one to three months. Students will then be prepared for the next step (reading or memorization classes).


Our Quran teachers are available online to help students learn how to recite Quran well and the Tajweed rules. These reading Quran lessons are for children will help students learn to recite Quran beautifully and apply the Tajweed rules.


It is much easier for kids to retain new information than adults. That’s why we urge parents to help them memorize the book and Allah as soon as possible.

Our caring and supportive online Quran teachers will be there for your children every step. They will provide numerous exercises that will improve your Quran memorization skills.

Every exercise in our online Quran course for kids has been carefully chosen to help children learn. To keep Quran teaching interesting and entertaining for children, our tutors have different methods and include fun ways to teach Quran memorization.

Online Quran Classes specifically designed for beginners

This course has been specially designed to suit the needs of children at all levels. This course is not designed to assess the level of Arabic and Quran your child already knows.

Our Quran-for-children program features interactive and engaging teaching methods that will make learning Quran fun for your children.

Our teachers will help your child focus during the lessons. They will show Tajweed for kids step by step so even 4-year-olds will be able apply the rules with ease. InshaAllah you will give your child a positive Quran experience. This will make it easier for him/her in the future to learn Quran with love.

Quran Teachers in Native Arabs, who are highly qualified and certified

Each of our Quran teachers has been evaluated and hand-picked to ensure that they deliver effective online Quran classes.

Our tutors hold high-level degrees and have extensive training. They are also certified by Al-Azhar which is one of Islam’s most prestigious universities. Most of our teachers have Ijazah, which is a certificate from Sheikhs and scholars approved in Egypt. This allows them to teach Quran.

Additionally, your kid can learn Arabic Quran from native teachers. The Quran was revealed in Arabic. It is vital that your kid learn it from qualified Arab Quran tutors. They can help him pronounce Arabic letters correctly using the correct articulation.

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