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Perks Clients Can Enjoy From Good Real Estate Agents

Good real estate agents know that being a good agent is a lot more than just having good relationships with clients. There are other benefits to your role as an agent, such as being able to help clients find the right property, build rapport and trust with them, help them make decisions about their purchase, and achieve the best possible deal.

To look at yourself as a fantastic agent, you must make them feel valued in every way. Setting up perks like group outings or home inspections rewards your clients for working with you. In addition, an excellent real estate agent email list provide some productivity out of something they may see as simply routine work.

Benefits Clients Can Access

1.      Arriving Dead On Time

This is a massive perk that any good agent should be offering, and your clients will love it. Keeping an eye out for callers at the door and ensuring they don’t have to wait long can help you get to know your clients better. Even better than handing off your client while they’re standing there waiting is a quick peek through the front window to see how far they’ve come in their search. If they’ve been visiting several listings but haven’t reached the right one yet, or if their car has been in the driveway for more than 15 minutes already. You may want to reach out to them before giving up on viewing homes altogether.

2.      Have A Backup Plan

Knowing you have a backup plan may help your clients relax and enjoy their time with you while they shop. If they’re tired or cranky, or just in a hurry to get home and start their weekend, you can suggest a different day to look at homes if their schedule isn’t working out. Your client will appreciate that you’ve got another option in mind if something doesn’t work out instead of walking away empty-handed and frustrated.

3.      Fresh Fruit Or Candy

One of the benefits of offering your clients a few perks is that they may offer you some things back in return. Even if they don’t, your clients will be more likely to purchase if they feel that the real estate agent doing their selling is doing their job well and treating them right. If you can offer fresh fruit or candy, this can add another reason for a client to buy from you. Likewise, if you’re offering financial incentives, your clients are going to have great expectations that your work can make them money too.

4.      Ease Their Day

If you can help make your clients’ lives easier just by being in their presence, then you’re doing a great job. For example, you might be able to offer them a ride from the metro station or help them carry their children’s toys out to their car. Whatever you can do for them will make them appreciate your presence and make it easier for them to work with you.

5.      Get A Preview Before Others Do

You want to let your client drive the car or look at the house before other people get there so that they get a feel for the place before it gets all crowded up with other viewers. In any case, you want them to make up their mind before other people influence their decision. This is because they won’t be able to tell what’s real and just an illusion.

6.      Offer To Walk Around The Outside Of The Property

This is where the potential buyer can get a natural feel for what it will be like to walk through their front door or how they’ll feel sitting in their living room in the morning with a cup of coffee on the table. If you’re able to show them what it’s like inside the house, you’ll be more likely to sell it because they’ll realize that it’s really for them.

7.      Find Out How They Feel About The Place

You may want to consider going through the home with them and take a look at their face while they’re there. Their reactions may tell you something about how they feel about the place or what they don’t think belongs in their new home. You can use this information later when helping them makes design choices or when negotiating with your client to buy their new home.

By offering perks like these, you can ensure that your clients are happy with their experience while they’re looking for the right property.

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