Plastic products waste containers: buy with a guarantee

The activity of any enterprise, warehouse or production implies the presence of waste that must be stored somewhere for subsequent loading and disposal. If earlier it was an iron box, then a modern trash can is also made of plastic bin manufacturer. The material has a number of advantages. It lasts longer, weighs less, and does not make noise when moving. There are various modifications on the site. It also sells accessories and accessories.

Plastic waste containers: buy with a guarantee

Garbage cans with a lid are plastic containers equipped with wheels for transportation. For convenience, various models have been developed, differing in volume and overall dimensions. A hole is cut into the bottom to drain the accumulated liquid. Each waste container is plastic, on wheels, with a lid.

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In a garbage container, in most cases a lid is required to ensure that all unpleasant odors are kept in the internal cavity. A small Plastic bins products waste container with a lid is equipped with two wheels. It does not roll on its own, and is set in motion, being tilted. For convenience, there is a special handle. The volume of these models is 120/140 liters.

The garbage street container

leans against 4 wheels, are equipped with a cover, have volume from 660 to 1100 liters. Plastic waste bins do not rot, and therefore such tanks serve indefinitely. The material is resistant to aggressive environments, which is also an advantage. Buying a plastic trash can on wheels means spending only one time.

Range and accessories

Waste container 0.75 should be bought for those whose production does not require a large waste container. Such a tank can be placed indoors. It can be equipped with a bag holder. The bag holder fixes the bag, preventing it from falling inside. From above, the walls of the bag are brought out and remain clean.

Garbage bins with a lid (plastic) on wheels and have a special pedal, pressing which raises it, which ensures hygiene. A garbage container of 1100 liters should be bought for those who take out waste with standard garbage trucks with a tipper. The street garbage container is plastic, and it is not afraid of precipitation.

Buy a plastic trash can on wheels

The garbage can, depending on the category of waste and destination, requires garbage bags . This is especially true for tanks with a lid, bag holder and wheels. Tanks with large volumes suggest that the waste is loaded into a garbage truck by turning it over.

The design of garbage containers on 2 wheels is simple, containers are moved and unloaded manually. Special flies are produced for such tanks. Whatever your choice, every purchase comes with a guarantee. It is possible to get a discount, the amount of which can be obtained from managers by phone or online.


Garbage container 1100 l. with lid (1377*1077*1369) green

UK containers

Solid waste containers (garbage containers, garbage cans) are designed for the collection and storage of household and industrial waste that occurs in the course of life. Garbage containers are an integral part of any business or residential complex.

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Solid waste containers are classified according to their capacity. There are containers with a volume of 120, 240, 360, 660, 770, 1100 liters. Sometimes garbage containers are divided into two-wheeled and four-wheeled. Plastic recycling bins products garbage containers have advantages over metal bins ones, primarily due to their lower (almost 3 times) weight.

The waste container can have different colors for separate disposal of food and large household waste.

Tanks correspond to climatic version UHL1 and GOST 15150-69. They have precise geometry and a reinforced top board designed to withstand repeated lifting and lowering by a loader.

The containers do not allow water to pass through the entire height of the walls, so the flow of waste is excluded

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