Reasons To Buy Silver Women’s Jewellery Online in Pakistan That is Nickel and Lead Free

Nickel is a documented carcinogen or cancer agent that causes skin allergies with burn-like symptoms. As a result, most doctors recommend nickel and lead-free Silver Jewellery. So, keep these things in mind when buying Women’s Jewellery Online in Pakistan.

Know The History

Since the dawn of time, Jewellery has been a part of our lives. Adding gorgeous accessories to our bodies has long been a part of our identity, and it has changed dramatically through time. The oldest piece of Jewellery contains bones as constructing material. Around 25,000 years ago Monaco discovered it. The evolution of Jewellery happens from containing bone, stones, and shells to diamonds, metals, linen, and synthetic materials as a building material.

Silver Jewellery has traditionally been a distant second to gold, but in recent decades, this white metal has evolved into a popular and economical metal for Jewellery. Silver gets its name from the Latin word Argentum, which means “bright and white,” which describes how shiny and reflective silver is. In the 4th millennium BC, the discovery of silver happened. After its separation from lead.

Dates back to King Edward I of England’s reign in the 13th century. Sterling silver was used to make Jewellery. When he ordered the production of a pure silver statue. He requested that the purity be 92.5 per cent and that it have the mark of the Goldsmith’s Company, which is still well-known today.

Recognition of Silver

Despite the reality about the popularity of silver Jewellery. The recognition did not happen overnight. And lacked famous makers due to its lack of formal use. The majority of silver in the British Empire was used for making tableware and cutlery during the 1800s. But the Victorian Era saw an increase in magnificent handcrafted silver Jewellery. Nobles wore it.

Setting gemstones like amethyst, topaz, and rose-cut diamonds on silver became a popular choice. Queen Victoria plunged into mourning after the death of her husband, King Albert, and wore all black until her death.

As a result, a new type of Jewellery known as silver mourning jewellers was born. Their construction occurs with corroded silver. Dark gemstones are set in them. She even had a silver crown made for her, with 1180 tiny white diamonds put in it.

Bracelets, lockets, charms, and rings grew out of this, as did a series of smaller, more delicate silver Jewellery. Engraved Jewellery has become popular as a gift. Following World War II, gold became the dominant symbol of prestige and riches. While silver Jewellery relegation occurs in the background.

Since the Hallmarking Act of 1973, two major hallmarks of silver have remained: Britannia silver (99.9%) and Sterling silver (99.9%). 92.5 per cent sterling silver is the most popular metal for Jewellery creation. Silver is a soft metal that can be made hard only if it is mixed with other metals.

Famous designers have recently created silver Jewellery for their luxury brands, transforming it into a valuable and striking metal by combining it with bright gemstones and sophisticated designs.

Things To Ponder When Buying Silver Jewellery:

It is critical to evaluate the purity of silver Jewellery before acquiring it. The purity is influenced by the following elements, according to the Bureau of Indian Standards:

  1. The logo of the BIS.
  2. The purity levels. The ideal type of silver is sterling silver, which has a purity of 92.5 per cent and is combined with zinc or copper to keep it stable. Anything less than that isn’t genuine silver.
  3. The Hallmark Centre’s identification.
  4. The jeweller’s identity is established

Things To Inquire

Making silver Women’s Jewellery Online in Pakistan is inexpensive, with prices starting as 3 rupees. It’s best not to take a jeweller’s production cost at face value and instead ask about the actual price of silver and market movements.

Always inquire about the buy-back policy on any silver Jewellery you want to purchase. The store should have solid buy-back rules in place so that if you ever wish to sell the item of Jewellery, you can do so for a fair price. For example, if a piece of Jewellery has a purity of 92.5 per cent, you will be charged for that amount of silver, and the value you receive will be for that as well.

When buying silver antiques, be cautious because there’s a chance the item is fake. Also, make sure the date on the bill matches the date on the item.

Always keep a receipt in case you need to double-check your purchase later.

How Can You Tell If The Silver Jewellery You’re Buying is Nickel and Lead-Free?

After you’ve assessed the risks of nickel and lead in Women’s Jewellery Online in Pakistan, you’ll want to know how to buy nickel- and lead-free Silver Jewellery.

Well-Known Brands

Brands manufacture good products with a good reputation and trust. Although they are slightly more expensive, it is better to invest in nickel and lead-free silver Jewellery than to risk health problems.

The prohibition of nickel and lead happens in most first-world countries for producing silver Jewellery. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check the product label to be sure the Jewellery is nickel and lead-free. The phrases “lead-free,” “nickel-free,” or “hypoallergenic” will appear on the label in this situation.

If you don’t trust the store or the label, you can have the piece of Jewellery nickel and lead tested. This will ensure that it is nickel and lead-free.

Silver Jewellery is magnificent and elegant, and it is plentiful. As a result, we must be cautious and vigilant when purchasing Women’s Jewellery Online in Pakistan. It is more important to consider the long-term benefits than it is to save time and money now.

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