Safest Luxury Cars You Can Rent and Ride in 2022

Purchasing or renting a luxury car could be daunting as various factors will hit your mind. When you talk about purchasing one, these factors increase in number, like considering the budget, utility value, maintenance, and resale value. However, things are not that complicated when we talk about renting a luxury car. Whatever the mode, one common thing in both cases is considering the safety of a luxury car. How safe will the ride be? Opting for the safest car on the list is essential, and this post will reveal a list of the safest luxury cars you can rent and ride in 2022. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Safest Luxury Cars to Rent in 2022:

2022 has been a dynamic year regarding luxury cars as we witnessed multiple mind-blowing features in the new products. However, one feature that almost all manufacturing players commonly targeted was safety. Embedding safety features in new cars – especially luxury models – has been a top trend in 2022, and we have compiled a few safest pieces to enjoy a safe commute. Let us roll through the list.

1. Mercedes Benz C-Class:

You probably have made up your mind after hearing the name, as the brand has been an industry leader for ages. Talking about the safety features in this model, you will never find a loophole or a vulnerable spot. As we hang tight for the updated 2022 model later in the year, the 2021 C-Class is a superb luxury option that perfectly balances sporty and delicate.

The current generation is close to the furthest limit of its life cycle, yet the outside styling and inside plan have matured well. The vehicle has a lot to offer regarding safety to keep up with industry standards and provide passengers with a safer ride from point A to B. You can avoid serious damage with modern-day safety features like ABS, collision warning, airbags, and traction control.

2. Lexus ES 350:

Lexus ES 350 is the only family member that has enjoyed incremental safety upgrades since 2019. The redesign thing has brought this model to light, and riders are enthusiastic about riding this luxurious machine. Are you looking for a subtle form of luxury and comfort during your drive? Lexus ES 350 could be the perfect choice for you!

Besides the predominant design, the 2022 Lexus ES 350 was granted a top IIHS safety rating for its “Great” crashworthiness and child seat anchor evaluations. Moreover, it has not failed to achieve Advanced to Superior ratings in crash avoidance and relief framework tests.

Do you want to rent this safe luxury vehicle for your next ride? Consider contacting a reliable luxury car rental company in Dubai and enjoy a safe drive!

3. Audi A6:

The industry-recognized Audi brand has been busy crafting luxury vehicles for ages but are they safe to drive? Of course, they are! The A6 model exudes style, performance, technology, and safety in equal measures; riders are well-off with this vehicle. If you are looking for an abundance of comfort and safety, the A6 sedan boasts it for you!

The safety ratings of the Audi A6 are “Good” across the board for crashworthiness and crash avoidance. The vehicle also achieved a four-star rating in the frontal crash test, making it a perfect choice for commuters.

4. Mercedes Benz E-Class:

The E-Class Mercedes arrived in 2022 but with minimal changes from the previous family member. However, this car has a lot to love, including a plushy interior and a seamlessly classy exterior. The vehicle has a head-turning intrigue, making you feel like a celebrity as you pass by pedestrians. However, is the car safe enough to ride with family?

Mercedes E-Class received a “Basic” rating from IIHS for its standard vehicle-to-pedestrian front-crash prevention system. Moreover, the car also received a “Superior” rating regarding other crashing tests. This vehicle could be a great choice for you, with an excellent five-star rating from NHTSA!

5. Rolls Royce Ghost:

The next luxury beast on the list is Rolls Royce Ghost, which has combined power, luxe, performance, and safety. When combined with safety measures, the classy feel can give you an ultimate driving experience like no other car. Riders will always praise a Ghost’s inner beauty and exterior muscular strength.

Regarding its safety, it has an excellent rating regarding crashes and child anchor seats. Modern-day technological additions give this car a dominant position in the industry, and nothing can beat its class. Do you want to rent this vehicle for your next drive? Consider contacting Rolls Royce car rental companies such as Rotana Star and enjoy a class drive with your family!

Make your drive memorable in a luxury car!

Do you have any plans for the coming weekend? Why not enjoy a long drive with your family in a luxury car if not? Contact luxury car rental companies like Rotana Star and take your dream car out for a spin for a memorable weekend drive!

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