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Should I steam clean my mattress?

A mattress is supposed to be one of the most comfortable things in a home or a hotel. However, there are many mattresses that are not cleaned properly.

This can leave a lot of dirt and allergens on the mattress. It is important to follow a good mattress cleaning routine to make sure that your mattress stays healthy.

They are also an expensive purchase, which is why you need to treat them with care and make sure that you look after them.

It’s not just buying the right mattress that you need to consider though; you also have to look after it.

This blog will look at some of the different ways to clean your mattress and help you get it clean.

If you want to buy a steam cleaner to clean your mattress, bed bugs, and living rooms then read the best product reviews.

Why Should I Steam Clean My Mattress?

On average, we spend 8 hours a day on our mattresses, which is equivalent to 1/3 of all of the time that we are awake.

That’s a lot of time! Because you spend so much time with your mattress. It’s important to clean it regularly to remove the dust mites, dead skin cells, and other potentially harmful particles that might be lurking where you sleep or sit around reading or watching TV in the evenings.

You don’t have to use laundry detergent on your mattress however, you can use a steam cleaner.

Washing your mattress protector at high temperatures is also recommended but make sure it dries properly before putting it back.

Steam can clean better than other cleaners because it’s able to lift off deep marks and dirt, which normal cleaners may be unable to loosen.

Steam loosens dirt by heating water until it turns into steam. The heat and moisture loosen dirt, allowing the steam to release it.

In addition, heat kills bacteria including Klebsiella pneumonia, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Salmonella enteritidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The steam also eliminates bad odors. So, you’re treating your allergies by using a home cleaner that uses steam.

Why Should I Steam Clean My Mattress

Steps to clean the mattress

Remove the bedsheet and wash it

Clear away your bedsheets and remove the mattress from its box spring frame. Wash your mattress with a water temperature of at least 140 degrees.

This will kill any dust mites or any possible bed bug infestations you may have on your mattress.

Vacuum out your mattress with the upholstery attachment, making sure to give all sides of the mattress a thorough cleaning.

Use short strokes and consider raking back and forth in order to loosen as much dirt, dust, hair, and other irritants that may be trapped deep within your mattress.

Sprinkling baking soda onto your mattress will help absorb sweat odors which can cause bad smells such as body odor.

Let this sit for several hours before vacuuming it up in order to ensure maximum breakout time for foul smells trapped within fabric fibers like hair oils or foods left behind within in crevices and tight spaces on beds.

Remove stains

Before starting the steam clean, you need to pre-treat protein-based stains and odors before any healing can occur.

If this type of stains, such as blood or urine is heated it will actually become set, which may make removing the stain very difficult.

To properly clean the grease stain, mix a small amount of the cleaner with warm water. If you don’t have any, you can use a 50/50 mixture of warm water and vinegar.

Once mixed, scoop out a small amount with a damp cloth. Using circular motions (like your mother taught you), work from the outside to the center of the stain.

Use a steam cleaner

Attach the steam cleaning device to your unit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up up your unit.

Lift the water tank up and away from the steamer. Unscrew the cap from the bottom of the tank and remove the insert.

You can use tap water to fill it into (avoid overfilling), which will show you what level is okay to put in using an indicator bar inside the tank.

Replace it back within your unit, and tighten its cap. Plugin your unit into a proper power outlet; several steam cleaners will have a light that will come on when they’re ready for use.

Use a steam cleaner

Start sanitizing

Begin by taking an appropriate size towel and fastening it around the end of your steam cleaner.

This will help you to wipe up any excess moisture so that you don’t spread it around. Then clean a small section of your mattress and see whether or not it has been sufficiently affected to continue with steam cleaning the rest of your mattress.

If this was successful, then you can carry on with the rest of the steam cleaning process.

To successfully steam clean all sections of your mattress, move slowly and deliberately while continually wiping away excess moisture – this works because moisture plus heat can cause damage to the fabric.

On some models, inside trigger mechanisms instead of actual buttons are used for the steaming function (these look like tiny hollows where liquid water is kept).

If your mattress has too much heat, it can cause the surface material to warp and break apart. So be sure to monitor the amount of heat steaming your mattress with a thermometer.

If the temperature is too low, move the steam attachment slower across the mattress when you steam clean it but if it’s too high, you can increase the rate of wand movement across the furniture surface area counter-intuitively.

You shouldn’t have a really moist mattress. If there is excess moisture, decrease the amount of steam being produced.

Final step

Steam cleaners require an ample amount of care and attention – especially when it comes to storing them.

The first thing you should do after using your steam cleaner, or a day or two afterward is to disassemble it completely (this can vary depending on the type and model but it’s likely that there are several appropriate ways to clean these parts).

You should make sure each piece of your appliance is thoroughly scrubbed before getting down to putting it back together.

Additionally, you need to remove any excess water/dirt and then dry off the remaining parts with a microfiber cloth for instance.

Wrap the cord so that it won’t get tangled, and always remember where in your home you store it.


Is it OK to steam clean a mattress?

If you’ve ever suffered allergies in the past, a steam cleaning service can help. It is guaranteed to provide you with an improved night’s sleep so that your health doesn’t suffer because of a dirty mattress.

Steam cleaning also kills dust mites and mosquitoes, eliminating any possible spreaders of health problems such as viruses and bacteria.

So, getting your mattress steam cleaned can make all the difference for people with asthma or eczema.

What is the best way to sanitize a mattress?

You can make your own homemade cleaning solution and use it to clean your mattress from top to bottom.

You should be thorough when you’re doing this so that there are no spots on your mattress left uncleaned, lest you risk any residual bacteria or dust mites getting in.

Heavily infested mattresses should be replaced altogether because it may take several thorough cleanings before most of the toxic substances are removed altogether since they have been absorbed into the sheets.

Can a steamer remove mattress stains?

You can clean your mattress using a steamer, which gets rid of sweat stains, urine, dirt and kills bed bugs. The steam also kills dust mites and their waste that triggers allergies.


If you are in the trade of mattress cleaning, then you would be more than aware of the importance of steam cleaning mattresses.

Steam cleaning is used in many industries, where cleaning is a must. When you attach a steam cleaner to your mattress, it will release the dust, the mites, and all the other organisms that are living on it. You surely wouldn’t want these to come back to your mattress.

But many people are not aware of the use of steam in mattress cleaning. So, that is why this blog has been written for those people.

I hope after reading all the guidelines and steps you will surely understand about should I steam clean my mattress.

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