Some Basic Movement To Draw Fashion Figure Template

Fashion illustrations are a crucial part of the process used by designers of fashion to show aspects of design such as the length and fitting of clothes. Fashion sketches are also utilized as a mood board for fashion shows. It shows how designers would like their clothing to look like and behave to their models. There are many possibilities but designers could utilize sketches to showcase their designs through various pictures or backgrounds. The fashion figure template can be thought of as an art form in itself. Fashion illustrators typically provide their work as prints these days.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler (if you have to be absolutely precise)
  • A sketchpad (duh! )

How to Draw a Female Fashion Figure

Create a Balance Line

Outline. This is also known by the term”equilibrium line” a.k.a. the line that defines the center of gravity of humans. The balance line extends beyond the base of your neck (where it joins shoulder joints) straight to the ground.

Draw the Head

Draw a head with the middle center of the line. While drawing the head, draw a large circle on top, and an even smaller circle below it. Connect these two circles to the sides with somewhat diagonal lines like the one below.

Measure the Head

It is possible to measure the head by using the help of a ruler or pencil. Based on the measurements above draw nine tiny dots of equal distance, and then take them in order starting from on top of the cheeks (#1) and ending at the bottom of the foot (#10 ).

Draw A Line (For shoulders, the bust, and hips high hips, waist, and the crotch)

To determine the top part of the body’s top, draw lines that run from 1 1/2 and 2 1/4 3,3 1/2, and 4 1/4 heads, as illustrated below. These lines indicate exactly where your shoulders reach into your hips, waistline, and crotch areas and also where your high hip shoulder, waist, and crotch are. The elbows are situated in the waistline near the 3-head line.

Create Lines for Knees & Ankles

Draw the face’s features using simple lines. The shoulders of a woman who is fashionable are 1 1/2-inch wide and the waist is one-quarter of a head’s width. The hips should be 1 1/4 of a head wide. Therefore, the women tracksuit must be in the shape of an hourglass.

Draw the Legs

To mark the lower section of the body, mark the 6 1/2 heads, as well as 9, for the knees and ankles.

Finalize the Feet

Draw your legs using lines that curve and narrow as they move through the leg from hip to knee. of the legs. For drawing the calves, draw smaller circular shapes using curving lines that start from the knees, before bending to the ankles. The ankles slope slightly towards the inner leg.

Legs (from the high hip up to the knee), as well as the calves (from knee to ankle), must be of the same length.

It is the head that draws towards the feet.

The final head was designed to fit feet. It starts at the ankle and extends in a diagonal direction for around 3/4 of the head until they meet at an angle.

Draw the Hands

Draw your hands in the same manner. Your hands should begin close to the crotch. The fingers should be just a bit above the mark of five heads.

How to Draw Figure Movement

Once you’ve got your proportions in the order it’s time for you to show your figures how to move! Three crucial aspects that fashion models need to possess are A balanced line, an upper shoulder, and a hip that’s opposite.

Start by drawing a brand new model. However, this is the best time (after drawing the line of balance and putting on your head the marks for 10) to tilt the shoulder line so that you’ve got one side that is higher. The hips on the high side should be tilted, too to the side, which is higher.

In the example below, I’ve made the right shoulder more pronounced so it is that the left hip will be higher so your figure remains in balance. Try it out yourself. move your shoulders forward, and then the shoulders back are lowered, how do your hips react?

Additionally when you tilt certain areas of the body, then every other part of the body follows the same pattern. Everything that is above the hip will be affected by the tilt of the shoulder because everything below follows the hip’s tilt. However, every tilt isn’t as significant as shoulders and hips.

Another rule fashion models must adhere to is that the leg that starts from the hip’s highest point can’t be bent and the foot should be placed in the center of the line. This will ensure that the figure is in a balanced position. You could also test this technique by shifting the weight onto one foot. If this happens, you’ll be able to see that the leg that supports the weight is unable to bend.


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