Summer Lawn Collections: Charizma Vs Zara Shahjahan

Do you like to give off an impression of sophistication to others by shopping online for attractive summer lawn collection by Charizma and Zara Shahjahan?

The fashion of Pakistani clothing is well-known over the world; in particular. It is popular how much of an appreciation the Pakistani people have for traditional prints, patterns, and designs.

Anyone can reveal a bit about themselves by carefully considering what clothes to wear to a certain event. Sarees and Salwar Kameez are the traditional garments that we wear when we want to look lovely and charming.

A significant quantity of the summer dresses that were designed by Pakistani brands and designers at Raja Sahib are available. Despite this, they are gaining more popularity due to the fact that their costumes are both contemporary and sophisticated.

In this article, we will discuss the summer lawn collections of Maria B. & Charizma. These designers are popular all over the world for their exquisite summer suits. Take a look at the list that follows:

Introduction to Summer lawn collection by Charizma

There is a large selection of both ready-to-wear clothing. You can even find their collections appearing in all seasons i.e. winter and summer/spring.

They sell lawn collection dresses suitable for both casual and formal occasions. In addition, Charizma is a retailer of accessories such as jewelry, shawls, and perfume. They also produces and sells children’s clothing.


Do you know what set Charizma apart from other brands? Well, it has a highly distinctive approach to design. And you won’t find any indications of copying in any of its designs.

The designs that Charizma creates are focused on the aesthetic preferences of ladies living in the current world. Because of this, women are happy to wear their designs. They eagerly anticipate seeing the newest ones as soon as they launch it.

The dresses available by Charizma have been featured in a variety of exhibitions and fashion events. Their one-of-a-kind sense of design and style has won over the hearts of many women who are passionate about fashion.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Charizma is among the most recognisable names in the industry of fashion in Pakistan.

What kind of dresses is available in Charizma lawn collection?

There are two distinct styles of dresses that can be available from Charizma embroidered law. One are those with a conventionally cut neckline and those that include a multitude of bunches. The new summer collection from Charizma features a wide array of colour options.

The lawn suits from Charizma stand out from those made by other brands. This is due to the amazing colour contrasts and gorgeous embroidery on their designs. Charizma lawn suits are versatile enough which you can wear to get-togethers with friends and family, parties. You can even wear it on important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

These lawn collection 2022 suits have embroidery that is so intricate that they do not require any further embellishments to look good.

All about summer lawn collection by Zara Shahjahan


Because of all of its poise for the summer, the Coco by Zara Shahjahan Summer Lawn line has us on the edge of our seats. Well, we all know that the collection has a warm, beachy vibe to it. Therefore, we are confident that we can rely on the pieces to help us stay comfortable despite the high temperatures.

This airy lawn collection is having well-made dresses in gentle colours like beach yellow, ocean blue, and seashell white. Royal purple is also present in this assortment. Thus, Zara Shahjahan maintains true to the trademark style that she has established for herself.

A genuinely great summer lawn collection features huge embroidered necklines with tasselled strings. You can find fringed border embellishments with the geometric chevron chiffon dupatta. There is also a colourful button detailing where less is more.

What kind of dresses is available in Zara Shahjahan lawn collection?

Stitched suits are available in the Zara Shahjahan grass summer lawn Collection. These suits are available as either three-piece or two-piece outfits.

The designer is popular for favouring softer, lighter tones over darker ones. And this preference is visible in the colour selections that were accessible for the summer lawn suits.

You can spend according to your budget because there is a wide range of costs. Thus, you can have a lovely jacquard outfit consisting of two pieces for as low as Rs 9700. They have a gorgeous lawn dress consisting of three pieces for as much as Rs 18,000.

Visit Raja Sahib online store and get best summer lawn suits

To have incredible dresses of summer lawn collection by your side first, visit Raja Sahib right now. They offer 100% original summer lawn suits from all popular designer brands and stores near to you under one roof.

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