Tajinder Singh Tiwana: An epitome of selfless social work

Working as Mumbai General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Tajinder Singh Tiwana is an avid social worker.

Having understood the dire needs of the people in his locality,

he closely works towards eliminating the crux of issues that makes livelihood difficult for people.

He is known to have relentlessly worked around the clock towards their betterment & well being over the time.

Tajinder Singh Tiwana BJP has had the spunk in him since a young age to serve the people irrespective of conditioning.

He is know to have never classified but endlessly toiled to get things going smoothly

for diverse people who seek help and believe in him.

Tajinder has worked under the leadership of any Member of Parliament’s (MP) and Member of Legislative Assembly’s (MLA)

to annihilate certain odds having worked closely in tandem with BMC and various other concerned departments.

He has taken it up to himself to carry the legacy forward of serving mankind to his fullest capacity.

Through his past work, he has time and again proved his mettle as a people’s person,

dedicating time and effort in ascertaining communal Harmony and National Integration.

His faith in fostering multi-lingual,

pan culture presence in an open environment has helped him successfully pull-off Malad Festival.

An initiative with the help of which he has not only brought in a new vertex for people to enjoy and entertain themselves

but also built an approachable art platform where the various multifaceted individuals could bring out their talents before the masses and garner the desired recognition.

Safe to say he ensured and facilitated the deliverance of an extravagant experience created with a melange of art, music, dance, food, heritage and culture.

Tajinder Singh Tiwana says

“Enthusiasm to serving people runs in my blood.

Both my parents have served as Municipal Councillors for Malad, my mother has also served two terms as chairperson of P/North Municipal Office.

My upbringing itself has been as a dynamic youth resolving ward related problems and walking shoulder to shoulder with my parents”

An ardent believer in humanity, Tajinder Singh Tiwana has earnestly dedicated his life for the cause of serving people.

Through his past work, he has time and again proved his mettle as a people’s person,

dedicating time and effort to bring communal harmony and national integration.

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Tajinder Singh Tiwana policy of ‘service to people first’ is what has earned him the respect and faith of the citizens.

He inculcates the cultural nuances and a plethora of values among his people who help him execute events,

social causes and adherence to certain emergencies.

Be it, the time of a festive celebration or the hour of a calamity, Tajinder is known to have selflessly extended his help and support to the truest extent of his capabilities.

Moreover, he does not ever plan to retire from these responsibilities as he considers this as his passion.

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