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Taking Up Truck Driving in Local Circles for a Living

A large proportion of experienced truckers with commercial driver’s license (CDL) look for home everyday class A CDL jobs in Pennsylvania. If they have driven on longer routes in the early phase of their career, carrying goods from one state to another, covering hundreds and thousands of miles, they know that staying away from home and family can physically and emotionally draining.

Initially, it may seem exciting to drive through the freeways, but overtime it can become dreary. That is when the idea of switching over to short distance routes becomes quite worthwhile. And if an experienced and skilled trucker with compliant driving records gets home everyday truck driving jobs with benefits, it is indeed a great opportunity that should not be disregarded.

Typically, with their Class A CDL-Pennsylvania job, a truck driver must know certain things and he just need to facilitate deliveries of consumer goods in a 300-mile radius. Today, both online and brick & mortar retail houses hire the services of transportation companies for the delivery of their consignment between warehouses, stores and other hubs. These transportation companies in turn need skilled and experienced truck drivers to handle the jobs effectively.

The rewards that make CDL truck driving jobs attractive

The fact that drivers need to cover shorter distances and can return home every night to have dinner and take rest in their own rooms on any work day is a significant, but not the only attraction of Class A CDL jobs in Philadelphia.

When you select truck drivers for home every job, their compensation package makes things more interesting. The minimum weekly payout for a trucker handling Class A CDL jobs with a private transportation company is $1500. That translates into earnings of $78000 per year because established firms in this industry have work available through all 12 months.

Benefits of 401(k)

And there is more. Besides the good money that they get in their bank accounts, truck drivers working for these transportation service providers are entitled to comprehensive health benefits. They get considerable reimbursements for their expenses on general medical, dental and vision treatments.

In line with American laws, the drivers are also enrolled for 410 (k) plan – an employer sponsored retirement plan that is also known as defined contribution plan. It became popular in 1980s and since then it has been widely adopted as a standard retirement plan for workers in the United States.

The plan allows employees to make their contributions to the plan before the applicable taxes on their compensation. They can make contributions up to a specific amount per year. The employers also contribute to this fund and most of them choose to match up a certain fraction of the concerned employee’s contribution. The plan derived its name from Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The retirement benefits that come from 401 (k) funds coupled with their personal savings ensure that truck drivers lead a respectable life even after they retire from their CDL truck driving jobs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states.

Other benefits

Thriving transportation and logistics companies in the United States provide jobs that require truck drivers to work for 5 days a week and they always get 2 weekly offs although they may not always be a weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Drivers also have a fixed number of paid vacation days that they can use after spending certain duration at work. And they are definitely entitled to medical and family emergency leaves without any penalties on their wages.

Reducing stress at a job that needs great focus

With good money coming in and a number of non-monetary benefits, local CDL truck driving jobs make for good options. At the same time though, truck driver can also modify their lifestyle a little to make the vocation more enjoyable and less stressful.

Everyone has stress in their lives. However, for truck drivers who spend so much time on traffic-heavy roads, stress is riskier as it affects their decision-making and thought process. Therefore they must address the problem immediately.

Here are some ways to make this process simple:

Get adequate sleep and rest                                   

The best strategy to reduce stress in a driving job is to get enough sleep. The drivers who have home every night jobs can use the opportunity even better to complete the number of sleep hours that are essential to maintain good health. They should keep up with a consistent bed time routine and try to sleep at the same time everyday even if it is their day off.

It is advisable to turn off lights and stop digital screen distractions when it is time to sleep. Drivers should switch off the TV and put away their smartphones and tablets before they get into the bed.

Once their heads hit the pillow, they should just try to relax, close their eyes and go to sleep, instead of thinking about whatever happened during a day or is supposed to happen on the following day.

Maintain healthy eating habits

We often hear about binge eating to reduce stress and know that it is not good. However, truck drivers can accustom themselves to certain diets that actually reduce stress and improve their ability to drive safely on the road.  These are the foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins and are known to nourish body while also improving a person’s emotional state.

As against these, snacks that lack any real nutritional value and are only full of sugar, carbohydrates and fats produce just the opposite effect. A slice of pizza and a glass of carbonated drink does feel good now and then, but when taking such foods becomes a habit, it can unknowingly lead to illnesses that the person may not even become aware of till they get serious.

Some foods rich in sugar or caffeine do give a short burst of energy but result in more stress later. The idea therefore should be to avoid foods that have short term impacts and stick with the ones that help to stay fit and healthy in long run.


Lastly, to reduce stress, truck drivers should also keep a good mix of entertainment sources in their travel kit. They can listen to their favorite songs (on low volume though) or even podcasts that they enjoy. And to escape boredom when they need to park at a certain spot due to unforeseen weather conditions, they can read their favorite book.

To sum up, CDL home daily jobs do come with a number of benefits and it is not difficult to take the stress out with a little preparation and focus on self.



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