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Tater Tots Easy Recipe | Homemade Recipe

Willing to have some delicious snacks for the friends’ night over? Let us introduce you to one of the most loved recipes, Tater Tots.

The most renowned vegetable produced in the world is the potato. This originated about 7000 years ago in Bolivia in the American continent. There are more than 5000 varieties of potatoes produced in the world. It is now mostly cultivated in India and China to meet their requirements.

And is exported to many other countries. The green part of the potato gives glycoalkaloids which are harmful to human health. A potato consumes about 17 percent of carbohydrates and 2 percent of proteins with a negligible amount of fats. It has a rich amount of potassium and vitamin C.

The Invention of Tater Tots

The tater tots were first introduced by the Grigg brothers in the 1990s. Frozen food became very popular from 1945 to 1946. Grigg brothers tried to make a big show in this market. After a failure in making French fries, they accidentally produced tater tots while experimenting with different ingredients. The fun fact about the name of the dish is that their salesman suggested it to them. At present, approximately 20 million pounds of tater tots are sold yearly.

Recipe for tater tots

Ingredients for Tater Tots

You will require the following material for the dish. First, you need potatoes, half a kilogram more or less as per wish. Then, you need spices like pepper and salt that will be for your taste. After that, take some corn powder for enhancement of flavors. For garnishing, use bacon and basil leaves. Also, use cheese for the filling.

Procedure to follow to make Tater Tots

People take fresh potatoes, and then wash them and clean them. Afterward, they peel off the potatoes and place them in cold water for a few seconds. This will remove the unwanted starch from the potatoes. Then, they chopped these potatoes into a food processing machine to get smaller pieces. Next, they dry them to get the rest of the water from the chopped potato pieces.

To ease out the recipe they will not boil or cook in the pan. For cooking them, use a microwave. Then, they did enough cooking to make the potatoes tender and a little crunchy. Now, you have them in perfect condition to make the tots.

You can add the ingredients like onion, salt, pepper, corn powder, and cheese and mix them. After that, you can add the bacon, basils, or any other spicy material. Now, make them in the shape of the tater tots. Also, you can apply cold water or oil in making their shape.

Variations in making Tater Tots

Tater Tots is one of the most beloved snacks all around the world. So, their various varieties are available too. If you have a chef in you, we believe you can customize them according to your own liking. A few of the ideas are as follows:

Tater tots casseroles

Many people do not like the simplified recipe or version of the dish. They want something extra and something unique than the traditional serving. Like they put the potato cubes into the shape of casseroles. Also, they have not made such a complicated recipe for you. Rather, a few steps you follow after following the above-mentioned procedure. And your modified version of the dish is ready.

You need to further multiply the quantity of cheese added to the dish previously. People must have them for breakfast or as snacks. They add an ingredient which is the cream which is then mixed with the bacon. Put some tater tots as the base of the baking dish. Then apply the cream and bacon mixture. After that, sprinkle all of the vegetables you want to have.

The final step is to sprinkle lots of shredded cheese over the dish. After baking the dish, your casseroles of tater tots will be ready. See how the addition of a few ingredients can change the entire dish. And no such effort is needed in such a variation procedure.

Important Steps for the Recipe

  • Adjust any vegetables you like. It can be tomatoes, onions, salad leaves or capsicum, etc.
  • Add boiled, roasted beef, or chicken shredding.
  • Sauces ranges from normal tomato ketchup to mustard sauce, spices, cream cheese, garlic sauce, hot sauce and others.
  • Also, use any sort of cheese.

For the detailed tater tots recipe along with its side dishes, visit and get your favorite snacks ready in no time.

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