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The 15 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas with Toddlers

There are actually a ton of enjoyable activities to do in Las Vegas with toddlers despite the fact that the city is known for both its gambling and its parties. There is a lot to keep young explorers entertained, including adventure parks, neon lights, opulent hotels, and easy access to some amazing natural treasures. Confirm your Delta Airlines booking today to ensure  hassle-free travel and make a day of it. Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

Here is our list of the top family-friendly activities in Las Vegas!

Tournament of Kings

Despite claims to the contrary, the traditional supper show is still alive and well. You can see this live in Las Vegas’ Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. Families eat with their hands while watching a show at the Tournament of Kings that features knights, jousting, and adventure. My spouse and I were most amazed by the performers’ horsemanship and talent. Our daughter really adored supporting the good guys.

For a banquet-style supper, the cuisine was surprisingly tasty and healthful, and it included baked chicken, boiled potatoes, and steamed broccoli.

The show is quite loud with spectacular effects and has a terrifying villain.

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

It is a museum containing the modern era’s most well-known superheroes.

Along with interactive exhibitions, they have the authentic costumes from the Marvel movies.  Trainee agents will welcome you and give you a badge.  After all, who  among us hasn’t wanted to see the complete lineup of Iron Man suits. 

Enjoy yourself on the tour, and don’t forget to browse the shop before leaving.

Red Rock Canyon

From the neon signs and casinos of the city, Red Rock Canyon is a world away. The 180 million year old Aztec Sandstone cliffs, which span nearly 200,000 acres of the Mojave Desert, are red in color because iron oxide is a component of the rock.

The 13-mile scenic circle is an excellent way to see many of the canyon’s highlights and is accessible by automobile or bicycle. There are 26 walks and trails available if you want something more active. We particularly enjoyed the toddler-friendly Calico Basin outside the park and the 2.6-mile round-trip hike to Calico Tanks, which is best suited for older children who are seasoned hikers. There are other national parks close to Las Vegas in addition to Red Rock Canyon State Park. If you have any queries regarding travel, feel free to call Delta airlines live person.

A Venetian Gondola Ride

The Venetian offers a fun peek of the genuine thing if you aren’t quite ready to go to Venice with your kids. On our gondola journey through the hotel’s Grand Canal Shoppes, our daughter enjoyed being serenaded by a particularly cordial gondolier.

Take pictures as quickly as you can because the voyage is considerably faster than experiencing Venice in person. Plan ahead if you have young children because wait times can be prolonged during busy times. The indoor ride is more picturesque and is also shielded from the sun and heat, although there are typically longer lines for the gondolas. This is a pricey excursion, but it’s well worth the investment with rates as high as $39 per person depending on the day.

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains, a work of public art by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, consists of neon-colored rocks arranged in seven enormous towers. The bright stones against the backdrop of the desert are stunning, joyful, free, and colorful. We went early in the morning when it was peaceful and our toddler adored running among the colorful rocks while practicing his colors. He was a major fan of the Seven Magic Mountains.

Downtown Container Park 

The Downtown Container Park is always a big hit and a fantastic place for both kids and adults to enjoy. While the Children’s Tree House and Play Zone is sure to amuse children, adults will enjoy browsing the shops and sampling some of the food and beverage options in the outdoor park. A 33-foot slide, foam building blocks, and an exhausting game involving chasing bright lights are all present around the tree house.

Children will also enjoy leaving a sticker and a note in the Pixel Sticker area. You can also explore the odd sculptures. One of them includes a gigantic praying mantis that shoots flames.

The High Roller

The High Roller is without a doubt the trendiest and most cutting-edge Ferris Wheel I’ve ever been on. The wheel revolves once every 30 minutes and is slow enough for passengers to easily board.

A fantastic approach to become familiar with the Strip is to take in the beautiful view from the top. Even though night rides are more expensive, they’re worthwhile.

Wynn Buffet

People have a wide range of perceptions when talking about Las Vegas buffets. But I can assure you that you must go through one of them with small children at least once to witness their responses to the debauchery on exhibit.

When we took our children to their first Vegas buffet, we went all out. A few years ago, on one of the busiest days of the year, we spent Easter Sunday at the Wynn, one of the priciest and most extravagant hotels. Make your Delta Airlines reservation today and enjoy a plethora of benefits.


The kid-friendly Adventuredome is the very own indoor amusement park of Circus. There are plenty of kiddie rides that toddlers will appreciate. Few coasters make this a pleasant destination for older children and teens as well. The best part is that the all-day wristband costs just $20 for children under 48 inches. So, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas

This waterpark is one of the most exciting places to visit in Las Vegas. Summertime is wonderful, especially if you live in the Summerlin region. For people of all ages, it’s fantastic. Families, this is your time to have some fantastic outdoor fun. This is ideal for a family day out with over 25 slides and some incredibly unusual attractions. Some of the beloved ones include the Tornado and Canyon Cliffs.

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