The best solutions for small and sparse lashes

Small eyelashes after eyelash extensions are a serious reason to be upset for modern girls because in our time special attention is paid to beauty and grooming. However, in pursuit of “upgrades” of appearance, fashionistas often have to deal with side effects. So, after removing artificial cilia, your own often looks very deplorable.

However, do not despair, because it is possible to restore eyelashes after extension even at home. To bring natural hair after this procedure in order, you can use special tools. Today we want to talk about this in detail.

Nowadays eyelash services are one of the most popular beauty services. So, it can compare with some types of hair service.

Why do my eyelashes become small after extensions?

Signing up for the extension procedure, any girl wants to get beautiful eyelashes. However, many are disappointed – the hairs twist or fall out, which is why they have to be removed almost immediately. And the fact is that, as with any procedure, there are contraindications. If you ignore them, the cilia quickly begin to break.

Eyelash extensions can also fall out due to other factors:

  • Technology not followed. Usually, up to three synthetic ones are attached to natural hair with special glue. If the master violated this rule, the eyelashes fall off almost immediately after the procedure or just a couple of days after it.
  • Natural processes – cilia fall out from time to time. And since synthetic hair is fixed on nature, this process occurs for them at the same time.

Extensions are made with natural or artificial materials. It is recommended to choose the first ones – it can be silk, mink or someone else’s eyelashes. Subject to the rules of care, they will allow you to achieve a beautiful expressive look and save you from stress due to small eyelashes after extension.

The need to restore eyelashes after extension.

In the body, eyelashes have a protective function – they do not allow dust, bright light, wind, and rain to harm the eye. However, sometimes they become weaker, which is why they begin to fall out.

You can quickly and permanently rid yourself of small eyelashes after extension, make them fluffy and increase their volume with the help of folk remedies or modern technologies used in cosmetology. Today, one of the most popular services has become a building, as it provides a natural effect. However, this procedure can adversely affect the condition of the eyelashes. Therefore, many decide to resort to home care.

When a person lacks useful elements or low-quality cosmetics are used to care for eyelashes, their own hairs suffer after extension. You can correct the situation, you just need to know what substances can give them volume.

Ways to restore small eyelashes after extension.

Artificial eyelashes create an interesting effect, but, unfortunately, can injure the eye. So, the fact is that single cilia sometimes curl, causing discomfort and pain. Also, the extended hairs fall out along with the real ones.

Failure to follow these rules is fraught with rapid loss of eyelashes. Moreover, in such a situation, not a single repeated procedure will save small eyelashes after extension. To cope with curling hairs and restore their shape, they make a correction, and after wearing them for three weeks, it is recommended to remove them altogether. Further, it is important to immediately begin to strengthen natural hairs – professional or folk remedies can be used for this.

Proper nutrition and hydration are at the heart of recovery. Vegetable-based oils allow you to achieve the most striking effect. And if the eyelashes begin to actively fall out, daily care is necessary, and for preventive purposes, treatment every other day is suitable.

You can make a special mixture of several oils. Experts recommend adding grapeseed and wheat germ oil to your mascara to keep your lashes healthy. It is also important to apply makeup as carefully as possible without damaging the hair roots.

Castor bean oil is one of the simplest remedies for saving small eyelashes after extension. It is rubbed with a brush every day to start the growth of cilia. Before going to bed, it is better to remove excess oil so as not to cause an allergic reaction.

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