The Cubicle Struggle: How To Focus In A 6 Person Office

Cubicles are a staple of corporate culture across the world, but most people hate them. There’s nothing quite like being crammed into an office with 5 other colleagues and having to work on your own work at the same time as everyone else in the room. This can be especially difficult if everyone has their own deadline to meet, so today we’re going to discuss how you can focus in a 6 person cubicle and get your job done regardless of the distractions around you.

1) Being Visually Aware Of Your Surroundings

It is difficult to focus in a large cubicle because you are surrounded by people that are constantly coming and going, interrupting you. One way to handle this is to take control of your space and be visually aware of what’s happening around you. It may also help to schedule times throughout the day where it is okay for your coworkers or clients to enter your cube. Once, I needed peace and quiet so I started shutting my door and putting my desk in the corner of the office. That small change had a big impact on my ability to stay focused! You might want to try using noise cancelling headphones too, or put up a white noise machine if you can’t do both.

2) Separate Yourself From Distractions

Most office cubicles consist of six partitions which can make it difficult to stay focused. Here are a few tips on how to manage your moods in an Office Cubicle Workstations.

-Keep your cube tidy

-Avoid multitasking (switching from one task to another without finishing either task)

-Take breaks throughout the day to get out of the office and get some fresh air

-Have headphones available for when others talk too much or are being distracting- this way you can listen to music or podcasts if you want, or be left alone if that’s what you need!

-Try to always keep your back against the wall, so that you’re less visible and avoid people interrupting you as often. You might also want to invest in privacy curtains for this reason. When it comes time for lunch, be strategic about where you eat- office tables tend to be a lot more crowded than lunchrooms with chairs, so go with whichever is less busy!

3) Manage Your Moods

Office cubicles are small, and being surrounded by people 24/7 can have negative effects on your mood. Noise, lack of privacy, a crowded desk—these factors make it difficult to stay motivated when trying to focus on work. When you find yourself overwhelmed with your emotions or a lack of motivation, take a minute to go outside and take some deep breaths. This can give you the much-needed time away from the office cubicles to refocus and remember why you wanted this job in the first place.

4) Surround Yourself With Productivity

You may not realize it, but the office space you’re in right now has a profound effect on your productivity. People who are trying to stay productive at work should never share a room with someone who is more extroverted than they are because they will be surrounded by conversations they aren’t interested in. This can make focusing difficult and limit their efficiency. It’s also important to consider how much light is in the room when looking for an office that maximizes productivity. Depending on what people need to get done, some prefer having natural light coming through their windows while others might want to avoid it so that they can go without staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

5) Have Realistic Expectations On Your Productivity

If you’re just starting a new job, figuring out how to keep your productivity high while working in a cubicle is tough. It can be really easy to become distracted by the chatter of other coworkers or by noise from the rest of the office, but there are steps you can take to maximize your workday. Here are some tips for getting stuff done despite all the distractions in your cube!

#1 Focus on long-term goals rather than short-term

#2 Know when to work hard and when to take a break #3 Try not to leave tasks unfinished #4 Keep you headphones nearby (turn off sound) so that if other coworkers ask you questions, they’ll need to come over and talk face-to-face with you.

6) Set Time Limits On Distractions

Six person office cubicles can be the perfect setup for someone who needs the privacy of their own office, but is only allotted half of one. However, there are some setbacks with this setup; specifically, distractions. When you share a small space with five other people, it’s not unheard of for your focus to get pulled in several different directions. That’s why it is crucial to set time limits on distractions in order to stay productive. We have compiled some strategies below to help you stay focused while working in a cubicle and these tips apply to any work environment.

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