The key to improving customer satisfaction (happiness)

Customer happiness is an important metric for any Australian company. Keeping your customer happy leads to repeat business, which leads to more revenue and a better reputation. It shows your CX capabilities and how much you have to work hard to improve the level of customer satisfaction. 

When your customers are happy, they tell their friends and family about you or post a review on Yelp, Facebook or Google. A single customer may generate anywhere from 5-10 referrals every year to your company. And those referrals can easily snowball into 500+ through word of mouth if one referral leads to another… which is what we call the BIRTHDAY EFFECT! 

It’s also worth remembering that probability studies show that unhappy customers tend to buy less and give more dissatisfaction than happy ones. It’s not just good for profits, it makes sense because any successful business owner wants an excellent customer experience!

You might be thinking that customer relationships are difficult and take up too much of your time, but it’s actually very easy if you follow these simple steps! By keeping these concepts in mind, you’ll find yourself improving customer happiness immensely with minimal effort required from both sides. Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Offer a free trial period to ensure the customer is satisfied with their purchase

Perhaps the most important reason for offering a free trial period is that customers won’t buy your product without first trying it.

Most customers – especially those who are unfamiliar with your product or service – will want to have some idea of what they’re buying before they actually part with their hard-earned money. A free trial offer can give potential buyers an opportunity to use your product, explore your website, see how you perform in customer support situations or do any number of things that can help them decide if they should spend money on you. 

2. Make sure you have an easy return policy

Some companies are taking care of their customers by providing them with more than just a “satisfied or your money back” guarantee. These forms of offers are especially important for larger purchases, where it may be difficult for customers to decide if they actually need what they’re buying. Especially when it comes to items that will last years, like mattresses- there’s no way of knowing if you’ll end up hating what you get! 

So instead, by including guarantees about their products being painless to return should the customer change their mind at any point in time- companies are making sure that none of their customers has anything to worry about.

3. Enhance customer service strategies 

Keep in mind that many people will look at reviews online before making a purchase decision – make sure you’re providing quality service and products by opting for good customer service strategies.

Customer Service cannot only prevent further decline and save a crumbling company; Use this tool to increase profits due to customer loyalty and willingness to spend more money on your product (especially if you offer exceptional customer service). 

The importance of customer service is often underestimated-in some cases, perceived as an unskilled or lower-level task for someone without higher-level skills. But customer service is one of the most crucial parts included in successful business operations. It’s essentially what can make or break a company.

4. Take customer feedback seriously and start working on them

Customer feedback is very important because it provides valuable insights into the customer. It helps your company to take a customer-centric approach. The feedback that comes from well-researched questions can help guide decision-making processes throughout the company. Providing incentives for customers to answer surveys also helps ensure that there is a sufficient number of responses without much outside noise, which might distort the data quality.

The customer has the ultimate power to dictate whether or not he or she continues to get along with you (or even interacts with you at all). It is important to receive Customer feedback frequently because if not then something might go wrong.

If you’re an e-commerce site, taking feedback seriously may be as simple as posting a forum section for customers to use to talk about your product or service. This way if they have questions, complaints or compliments they can go right towards that area instead of through contact with store employees or administrative personnel.

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