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The purpose of a good Professional Logo design


If you look around yourself in a room, we bet that you can see at least ten different brand logos. And we also bet that not even half of them can fall under the category of ‘Great logos’. There’s a reason behind it. Creating a great logo that is not impactful, but also easily recognizable, has a lasting effect, and is catchy, is not a cakewalk. Making such logos may take a serious amount of brainstorming, thought processes, and effort.

But in reality, what is the real purpose of a logo? Is it necessary for a brand to have its identity embedded in it? This is what we will discuss in this article.

What is the purpose of a logo design?

The sole purpose of a logo design is to provide identity to a brand. There can be several trends or different design tools and techniques for creating a logo, but none of it changes its primary role, which is to help people identify a brand in the market. Another important purpose a logo serves is that it associates itself with a business, in a way that all of its products are known by that design alone.

Role of a logo designer in creating a logo for a brand

  • It is necessary for a logo designer to understand the environment and mindset of people where the brand logo will be seen the most.
  • The designer is also responsible to look out for brand competitors and their logo designs. For instance, what color theme are they following, what style of graphics they are using and what type of logo they have.
  • It is the logo designer’s role to come up with unique ideas for logo design and create something that stands out from the crowd.

Logo design as a strategic tool

Many people have a misconception of the logo as an art tool, which is not true. A professional logo design is not restricted to being an art tool. It serves a deeper purpose than that. A logo design is a strategic tool in a beautiful disguise. A good logo is expressive and recognizable. Many people tend to pick up different hidden meanings within a logo, so as a designer, it is important to give hidden strategic meanings to your logo.

For instance, let’s look at the logo of Amazon

  • As simple as it appears, amazon’s logo is a great example of a combination logo. The orange arch at the bottom is an arrow pointing from a to z, representing that amazon has all products available.
  • Another hidden meaning of this orange arch is that it represents a smile, giving the impression of a happy customer experience.

But, being said that, it is not necessary that every logo must have a hidden meaning to be classified as a great logo. Some of the world’s biggest brands have the most basic pictorial logos with absolutely no hidden meaning, and yet they are iconic because of their design.

For instance, Apple’s bitten Apple pictorial and Nike’s Swoosh.

Why do logos matter?

The face of a brand

When you think of a brand, you immediately go to think about its logo. It happens in a subconscious manner. Think of a brand name and you’ll get it’s in your mind instantly. This happens because, after some time, the logo is associated with your brand name, hence becoming its face for the world. So if we think of the brand Pepsi & Co. we will immediately get the blue and red ball with a white stripe in the middle.

Establish brand recognition

A well-designed Professional logo design is not just easily recognizable, but also has a lasting effect. A great logo is one that helps customers remember it with just a glance. Some specific colors and shapes are more memorable to the human mind than others. A good logo designer knows how to create a logo that has all the components i.e.

  • Easy to recognize
  • Timeless
  • Unique

Creates the first impression

Your logo is the first impression of your brand on your audience. First impressions matter. When your brand provides a good experience to a customer, it associates with the brand and logo. Hence it will help the customers to evoke positive feelings towards your brand.


The purpose of a Professional logo design is multipurpose and can serve different roles. Although the primary role for a logo remains the same, it is the identification of your brand.

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