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The Rise of Low-Code No-Code Web Development Process

The number of companies that seek solutions for custom web design in Saskatoon has been increasing. Businesses of all sizes today are also ready to invest in custom applications and software systems that can enhance their operational efficiency and customer efficiency. According to Gartner, the demand for enterprise mobile apps will rise five times faster than organizations’ IT capacity to build them.The good news is that in this environment, low-code no-code (LCNC) development platforms are transforming the way software and apps are created for specific business requirements. While software application was the exclusive work of qualified developers and programmers till about a decade back, anyone – including web designers, content writers, and other team members in a Saskatoon web design agency can now contribute in this process.

Gartner has further predicted that by 2023, more than half of medium and large scale businesses will adopt low-code / no-code platforms for development of some of their most useful applications.

Understanding low-code no-code approach

The roots of low-code approach lie in the 4th generation programming language that enabled users to mention what they needed a device to do without explaining how it was to be done. It made coding user-friendly and more versatile, allowing even non-technical professionals to build simple software systems. Quick application development tools increased the pace of the low-code progress in the subsequent years.

The earlier iterations of this technology employed model-based design, automatic code generation, and visual programming that led to the LCNC platforms we have in the market now.

In the no-code zone, web designers in Saskatoon can build fully functional web portals, apps and other special software without using any programming language. And low-code technologies enable them to create apps with more features with minimum coding. These techniques also allow web designers to focus on the aesthetics of website building without having to learn coding.

Technically, the LCNC approach involves drag-and-drop features and templates for developing apps and websites. Although they do have codes, it is simply pre-arranged into small visual attributes that users can employ to start with their design process straightaway.

Saskatoon digital marketing agencies believe that while developers will still play a role in creating code that underpins different features of a website, LCNC helps to weave these features together for custom web design. In other words, businesses get the functionalities of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 for their apps with a simpler and more effective process.

Benefits of low-code / no-code approach for website and app development

As the use of LCNC platforms gains momentum, it is good to understand their benefits in software development:

Make prototyping easy              

Before making the market-ready version of any software product, citizen developers can use an LCNC platform to build its prototype. Although it is also good to spend some time in programming or engineering before the launch, drag-and-drop tools help to create a first-stage model without the expertise of a senior developer. Such a model communicates the product idea to stakeholders before the development team invests its resources in programming the more refined version of the product.

Expedite digital transformation with ease of scalability

Digital-first has become a norm for businesses in any industry today. In this environment, one of the main reasons for Low-Code No-Code Web Development platforms’ popularity is that they reduce the time taken to develop new apps.

Due to the quicker and less complex process of creating apps and software, digital marketing companies can make more innovative products for their customers. They can keep up with the changing trends in market and meet consumer demands more effectively.

The use of low-code / no-code tools also helps in scaling the capacity of a mobile app or website for more traffic and in updating its features for richer user experience.

Allow for better resource utilization

By using low-code / no-code web development platforms, organizations can also allocate their resources for such projects more efficiently. As these LCNC platforms utilize existing templates, pre-designed forms and similar elements, no programming language know-how is necessary to create apps. Therefore, citizen developers, such as process experts in different departments of a business – accounting, marketing, sales, and other operations – can make significant contributions at least in the initial stages of software development.

Wherever custom coding is required to add rather advanced features to an app, IT professionals can step in and focus purely on those elements. The approach saves their time and allows them to focus on other projects requiring their attention rather than manually scripting every line of code.

Enhance workplace productivity and efficiency

As low-code / no-code platforms enable team members lacking coding know-how to contribute in the development of software systems, mobile apps and web portals, more people can now help in building high-value enterprise applications.

When content and design teams work together on software/ website development projects, it adds to their efficiency and productivity. They can use their creative skills to make engaging application interfaces and landing pages.

Team efficiency also records an improvement when the redundant steps to update a website’s development work in progress. As an example, instead of simply writing content on a document and sending the file to developers, writers can upload it directly to concerned webpages when they use a low-code CMS platform like WordPress. Similarly, web designers can build and modify graphical elements without having to always work alongside a developer.

Inspire creative autonomy       

LCNC approach also helps in meeting creative goals when it is being used by a team in any digital marketing company. As these platforms are highly customizable, designers, developers, content writers and marketing professionals can play with landing pages’ layouts and add more variety to the usage of different assets. They can use creative attributes as per their knowledge of customer preferences, market research, data analysis and previous feedback to develop innovative and feature-rich products.

Use of low-code/ no-code tools by digital marketing agencies

The adoption of LCNC platforms does not mean that businesses will not need the support of experienced online marketing professionals. Indeed, as clients, they will get bigger opportunities for high ROI when their digital marketing service provider uses the approach. They can work closely with their agency and communicate their app requirements more effectively in the development process.

Companies that need white label marketing services from a digital agency can also derive better results by leveraging LCNC platforms. They can initiate a software development process and then leave the more complex part of the job to skilled experts for the final iteration of their product. It is a good way to save costs and create finer experiences for ultimate users.

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