The Success of Explainer Videos— Benefits Vs. Cost

Do you want to start a business but bother about the advertising budget? You don’t have to. Because in this modern era, promotion or advertising is a vital factor in a brand’s success, and most companies spend more on the advertising budget. Although there are multiple tools for advertisement, some are the most popular ones.

In today’s digital realm, video is one of the most prominent types of content. The peoples have minimal time to give attention when the text strategy is no longer effective in retaining and sustaining the customers. Here comes an ‘Explainer Videos’ that is an effective and modern tool you won’t miss out on as it has boosted the universal demand for animated video explainer companies.

First Thing First, Explainer Video

An ‘Explainer Video’ is a brief video usually used in marketing or branding videos to explain a corporate idea in a minimal time or one and half minutes. The explainer videos aid the users in comprehending the product, service, and company with its key aim to communicate effectively. It is also an astonishing presentable style to effectively capture the user’s attention. Now, let’s comprehend the most popular types of explainer videos that efficiently make the success of the business.

1-      Live-Action Explainer Video

The live-action explainer videos are one of the old-style strategies with minimal animation. The main purpose of this style of explainer videos is to effectively explain the service or the product. The animators can make these videos using real objects, locations, people, and more. This live-action explainer video is rich for brands selling physical goods or offering user-oriented services.

2-      Animated Explainer Video

The animated explainer videos are certainly the most famous type in the digital realm and a cost-effective option for all small and medium enterprises. Today animated explainer videos use many techniques like Typography, 2D vectors, motion graphics, and more. Plus, it has more power to offer creative freedom for the animators.

3-      Whiteboard explainer Video

The whiteboard explainer video is another popular type of explainer video that can be drawn or erased on a whiteboard. These videos offer freedom of platform for the marketers or the animators to aid the audiences in exploring the service or a product. The animation of the whiteboard explainer video help to bring complicated messages and engages the viewers. It is also a cost-effective type of explainer video.

4-      2D And 3D Animation

The three-dimensional is the trademark of 3D animation explainer videos. From the attractive character to real-life product displays, there is almost everything that the 3D animation explainer video can do. While the 2D animation can provide the classic look to an explainer video. The cost of both the 2D and 3D depends on the animation complexity.

Explainer Video—Benefits Vs. Cost

Now, let’s comprehend the comparison of benefits and costs of an effective explainer video.

Explainer Video—Benefits

Today the audiences aren’t that aware of the science behind the idea of an explainer video. It indicates the golden formula of how the explainer videos have performed so well. It can combine the visual and audial factors to explain an idea that is much easy to understand. It can easily boost audience engagement as well as their retention rate.

Today 95 out of 100 people see the explainer videos to understand more about a new service or product. Almost 80% of viewers are ready to shop a product after viewing an explainer video. And has been beneficial for many businesses as well.

Let’s take the example of ‘Dropbox’. It’s a well-known brand with an astonishing promotional budget. At its start, Dropbox serves as the surviving brand, but after investing in the explainer video, Dropbox perceives a hike in its [return on investment] ROI. Another one is the most popular example of ‘Crazy Eggs’. They invested in an explainer video and received a massive boost in their user conversion rate by more than 60%. The monthly revenue of Crazy eggs reaches 21000 US dollars.

Above and beyond, the explainer videos aid to focus brand, revealing creativity, hiking Search Engine Optimization rankings, achieving ground-breaking success, upsurge in social medium shares, and boosting click-through rates at a minimal cost.

Explainer Video—Cost

There is no limitation on the cost or the value of an explainer video company. Because cost is majorly dependent on the video and production style. The cost of an explainer video contains the style, length, expertise of the animators or the producers, quality, and turnaround time. While it can depend on multiple factors such as animation explainer video style and the animation studio you can select.

The cost of an explainer video is a quality investment to effectively grow your business. Whenever you comprehend the cost, ensure that you consider both the expense and the quality of the video Because it will ultimately pay off in the long run.

On the other hand, the explainer videos are perfect to use in social media promotions, especially on the platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where the explainer video is recognized high in terms of finding the algorithms. It is because the explainer videos are very much more appealing than the big text and let people know how about the brand on some personal side.

Are you Considering Explainer Video For Your Brand?

Today the explainer videos are the best for showing what a brand or company offers. No matter your industry or service, the explainer videos can offer fantastic results for all sorts of businesses. It helps the audience why and what should they shop for. Plus, it can help many brands to stand out in the future.


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