Tips for Designing Custom Medals for Events

Receiving a physical souvenir or a remembrance of an event you took part in tends to be a great feeling. Whether it is a local charity run, a community event, or even a gathering hosted by organizations, it is always nice to receive something that will make you remember a memorable day. One of the common souvenirs that these types of events give out to guests and participants would be those custom medals that are designed in line with its overall theme. 

Custom medals are wonderful because you can design them whatever you like. Designing for medals is completely different than designing for the web or print. We may layer enamel, electroplating, textures, and shapes to create unique medals. There are numerous medals available for purchase, but if you are seeking something more unique, bespoke designs are the way to go. Custom medals are also a good way to remember an occasion.

However, creating those rewards may occasionally seem challenging. How do you make your medals stand out, unique, and be remembered? For your event, perhaps keeping things classic and traditional is the best option. It should not actually be that difficult to create unique custom medals that will make your event unforgettable.

Listed below are tips that can help you design custom medals for events that you plan to hold. By giving these to your guests, they might even remember it even after a lot of years. Read on to learn more.

Understand the Event and Its Theme

Nobody is a better organizer than you when it comes to races, local and regional tournaments, marathons, basketball, swimming, and school competitions. Thus, remember the occasion and topic when creating custom medals. If you want to distinguish this event from others and make it special, you could wish to add pictures, company logos, or symbols. Align the overall design in accordance with its overall theme.

Jazz Up the Shape and Colors of the Medals

The traditional medals are circle in shape, with colors ranging from gold, silver, and bronze. These are actually the general ones often used at award ceremonies. Thus, it is a nice way to step up the overall design of the custom medals to make it stand out more than the traditional ones. 

There are numerous options available when it comes to the shape of the medal. Circles, squares, and rectangles are a few common ones. However, you are free to use your imagination as much as you wish and select any shape for your design. Just be certain that someone can wear it comfortably around their neck!

For color choices, on the other hand, there are actually two parts to start creating. The first is the color of the award medals’ frames. Bright colors like gold, silver, normal bronze, and copper are available for metals. Dark colors like antique electroplating finishing are also options. Additionally, there are some custom colors that are finished with paint enamel. The other one to consider would be colors for minor details. You can choose whatever color scheme you choose or even match the colors used in your organization’s logo. Make sure you pick a selection of hues that mix well together and provide an eye-catching design.

Remember, the most important part of designing a unique and memorable medal is to have fun with it. So go be imaginative and let your mind run wild. There are no boundaries with this. Numerous resources are available online if you need inspiration. Many medal examples from prior years can be found online with a basic Google search. Do not forget to get advice from your friends and family as well.

Design the Front and Back of the Medal

Make sure that the medal for your next event is personalized and unforgettable by creating a unique one. You should pick a distinctive custom design that reflects the event’s theme.

Consider utilizing a picture, organization emblem, or other symbol connected to the occasion for the front of the custom medal. For instance, if you are holding a race, your design might be inspired by a pair of running shoes. Or, you could utilize pictures of the elite and engrave capital letters of their name on medals if you are giving out awards for student recognition successes or employees’ end-of-year performance. This is a great approach to motivating individuals.

Since we can only view the front of the medals when they are worn around the neck, the majority of medal designs have a plain rear. However, you can also create a recessed metal region on the reverse side of the medal, where you can engrave a label with the finisher’s name in capital letters and their score.

Choose the Right Material for Your Custom Medals

Custom medals are a fantastic way to remember memorable occasions and promote your brand. However, it is also crucial to consider materials before placing an order. The intended usage and the message you wish to send to them should guide the choice of metal material.

Depending on what you are searching for, a number of materials can be used to create custom medals. They can actually be made out of a wide variety of materials. A few of these are wood, gold, silver, bronze, zinc alloy, and acrylic. Cost and durability may also be significant factors for certain people when selecting the proper material for the medals. Others, though, might choose something more refined and portable. Whatever your needs, there is a material that will satisfy them.

Text Should Either be Raised or Recessed Metal

There are no absolute standards for what functions better. This is why working with a reputable supplier who has created many medals is beneficial. Remember that this is a medal, not a pamphlet. Reading text can be challenging. In addition, the medal example shows how uppercase letters are more easier to read when encircled by enamel than lowercase ones. This still applies if your design incorporates sand frost. As the background darkens, the letters become glossy. Many of our customers appreciate the wonderful contrast it provides.

Key Takeaway

Receiving custom medals to conclude a special event is one of the most satisfying aspects of attending. The medals can be extremely customized and showcase your accomplishments from the event. If you consider applying the tips mentioned above in this article, you will certainly make those you create standout from the generic medals often handed out to achievers and such. And if you do not know where to start, you should go look for sample designs through the internet for inspiration. By then, you will get a decent notion of what symbols, hues, and numbers go nicely together from this.

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