Tips to have Nose Pin that Suits You

The traditional fashion of wearing a gorgeous nose pin has given a fabulous comeback this year. By tradition, Pakistani women (especially married women) wear nose pins to express their cultural practice. Thus, you might witness Pakistani brides with beautiful trinket nose pin or nath wearing on their wedding days. Now, nose piercing has set off as the fashion for even young and unmarried women. Gold Nose pins are quirky jewelry that adds aesthetic taste to the overall women’s look. Therefore, most women want to have it to enhance their facial grace. Though, the catch is to choose the best one that suits your nose and face. We have given here some helpful tips that you can consider to pick the most suitable type of nose piercing that can complement your facial features.

Best Nose Pin Designs for Different Nose Shapes:

There is a diverse range of nose piercing for women that makes its collection a minefield for seekers. Here we have spruced up different types to make it easier for you to find the right nose pin design for your nose shape, face, and istanbul escort occasion.

  • Simple Nose Studs: They are simple one-stone nose stud that looks exceptionally beautiful and elegant. They are the minimal type of jewelry that adds grace without even notice. For a more sparkling look, women can go with a nose pin diamond. The best thing is its suitability for all face and nose types, so women can confidently choose nose pins via Amazon online shopping in Pakistan for aesthetic addition.
  • Nose hoops: They are larger than the nose loop, so they can completely change the overall look of the women. The embedded beads, stones, and tassels make it a beautiful embellishment of feminine beauty. Thus, it is the perfect pick for special occasions such as a wedding. They come with a chain to make the wearer adjust it on a face without failing the look. No matter what nose shape or face shape you have, the bridal nose hoop will enhance the aesthetics of your ornamented beauty.
  • Nose ring: They seem more traditional and chic on ethnic outfits, so eastern women love to have it with their nose piercings collection. The simple wire loop with or without stone embellishment makes this nose pin gold design stunning and attractive. They are not the perfect pick for everyday wear, but women can wear them on any special occasion or festival. They also suit on the small and slim nose.
  • Nathanis: Nath or Nathani nose piercing is the oversized and highly ornamented nose studs that usually Pakistani and Indian brides wear. You can find numerous designs, sizes, and styles in Nathanis for brides.
  • Clip-on nose studs: If you want to wear a nose pin without piercing, Clip-on nose studs will be the right pick for you. The clip-on design makes it fasten on the nostril to give a gorgeous pierced nose look without the piercing hole. You can also find a U-shape nose ring with a clip-on feature for creating a stunning look.
  • Beaded nose Bali: Beaded nose Bali is a decorative nose ring because it has embedded with colored or gold beads. This design is perfect for someone who has a prominent or wide nose. It gives justice to the nose feature. However, you cannot wear it without a nose piercing because it is heavier than a nose ring.
  • Floral nose studs: Floral nose studs have a dense nose pin design, making them a center of attraction on a woman’s face. Thus, women with a big nose can pick it to wear at any festival, celebration, or wedding. You can find beautiful floral designs with stone embellishments to make it look royal and gorgeous.

Best Nose pins for Different Face Shapes:

Looking at your chosen nose piercing design will be contingent on your face shape. Nose piercing should complement your facial features, so you should keep it in your mind while buying nose pins online. Here we mention some tips that will help you pick the right one that enhances your overall look.

  • Women who have an oval-shaped face with a broad nose can go for traditional Nath or floral studs because they can balance out the face feature and jewelry.
  • A smaller face with a slim nose can go for simple one-stone nose studs. They can maintain sweetness and cuteness while adding subtle grace to the overall look.
  • Women with a square-cut face and big nose or sharp nose should try big stone nose studs because they can make the nose the center of attention rather than the face edges.
  • Round shaped face with a small nose should pick the delicate nose ring because it makes a face look slim and long.
  • A heart-shaped face can opt for a heavy nose ring or big stoned nose stud because it makes the nose ring a center of attraction instead of a broad forehead.
  • If you have a long face shape, a big nose ring can justify the features and shape of your face to improve your overall look.
  • Some women have chiseled chins and sharp face cut. They can choose bead nose rings or segment rings to add an extra pinch of grace into their look.

Additional Tip:

There are many nose piercing filters available on Instagram, Snapchat, or other camera apps. You can use them to try different nose piercing styles on your face. It is an intelligent hack to choose the right design that will never fail to sparkle on your face shape. However, you will only need to pick the style that can go the best as per the occasion.

In addition, there is no strict rule to wear any specific type of nose ring. This article will help you make the right decision for avoiding failed pick. Still, you are free to experiment with the looks by trying different styles on your face. It will also make you find the most complimentary one for your facial features.

Hopefully, this article has helped you a lot to make the right decision for nose piercing. Whether you can get the silver nose pin, nose pin diamond, or nose pin gold prices, you can search for their online shopping places to get your favorite design.

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