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TOP‌ ‌10‌ ‌factors‌ ‌are‌ ‌influencing‌ ‌SEO.‌ ‌

There are many factors influencing SEO, but there are factors that can be called key. If you, first of all, make every effort to influence them, you are guaranteed to get a very good result.

We have compiled the TOP-10 factors influencing SEO services in Karachi, for the implementation of which you do not need to be a programmer or SEO-promotion guru; it is enough to read this article and act. Go!

Factors influencing SEO

  1. We are entering a keyword in the domain name or page address.

For example, if you are promoting on the query “internet marketing,” then the domain will be ideal for you: “”

But most sites, especially online stores, are promoted by more than several thousand requests. How to be in this case? In this case, the request must be included in the page address. For example, the query “SEO agency promotion” uses the following page address: “”

Website pages of the site must be written in this way and if you are planning to create a website, then select a domain name for the request for the highest frequency.

  1. CNC (human-readable urls).

It is a reference to the previous point. The page address should not use .html or .php at the end of the page addresses you are promoting, and the page title is written in Latin.

If you use a Russian-language domain (although this is not recommended for SEO), it is still better to write page addresses in the Latin alphabet.

  1. TITLE.

The first thing a search engine pays attention to. Therefore, the keyword

you are moving by must be at the beginning of the TITLE tag. So, for example, if you are

advancing on the query “How to set up Yandex Direct correctly,” the TITLE should sound the same.

Another requirement for this item is uniqueness. All other things being equal, the search engine will show higher the site with a unique TITLE for the same query. To make it even clearer, an example:

“Two sites are promoting by the same query “How to set up Yandex Direct correctly,” respectively, to show them higher, they write this keyword in TITLE. As a result, two sites with the same TITLE. The solution is quite simple: write your company’s name at the end, and thus you will achieve the uniqueness of the title (at the end of the TITLE of each page, we add a straight line and write IM).

  1. H1, H2.

After the search engine saw the TITLE and found a match in it with

the user’s request, it goes to the site page and, before referring to the text, looks for the H1 tag; if it is not on the page, then this is a significant minus. This tag should also contain the keyword by which the page is being promoted. Most often, this is the title of the article or the title of the page.

If the text is more than 500 characters, for the reader’s convenience, it is better to divide it into several semantic blocks using subheadings. We wrap these subheadings in H2 tags. In one of these headings, we also use promoted queries.

  1. Adaptation for mobile devices.

Every year traffic from mobile devices is growing, so one of the innovations of Google in 2017 will be just focusing primarily on the mobile issue (first mobile), and if now, sites adapted for mobile devices are shown higher only when searching from smartphones and tablets, then shortly this will also affect the global issue.

  1. The uniqueness of the text.

What should be the uniqueness of the text? 100% and no less.

And not only about other resources but also about other pages of your site. Therefore, there is no need to promote several site pages for the same queries and insert the same text.

  1. The presence of keywords in the text

The presence of keywords in the text should be written not for search engines but people, but at the same time, it should be written so that the keywords in this text are placed correctly and exactly in the amount necessary. No footcloths from the keyword listing!

And here are the main recommendations. We have already said keywords should be in the page address, TITLE, H1, and H2. The keyword should be located as close to the top of the page as possible. Both the exact word form and the modified one should be used.

  1. Image or video on the page.

It is better to use YouTube videos that you have created yourself and under which there is a link to the page being promoted, and the keyword is also used in the title.

If there is no video, you can use pictures. For the image, you will need to set a title, description, and ALT using the keyword by which the page is promoted.

  1. Behavioral factor.

It includes the click-through rate (CTR) from search results, the number of bounces, and the time spent on the site. The clear indicators for these points can be found in the analytics systems installed on the site.

Also, one of the ways to improve the behavioral factor is to place a video on the page. Then, users will click on play and watch the video, which is site interaction and pageview time.

  1. Links to social networks.

In social networks, you need to create groups and accounts for your company. In the group’s profile, indicate a link to the site, and on the site, using the appropriate icons, place links to these groups. To speed up the indexing of new site pages, share links to them in your groups.

Another important factor is how often users share links to your articles on social networks.


So, we have analyzed the main factors affecting SEO. In this analysis, we tried to give not only an overview of these factors but also give recommendations for implementation so that you can independently improve the position of your site.

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