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Top 4 Door Locks for Home and Apartments

As you know, according to the sort of door you want to secure, you’ll need a different lock. But it’s crucial to think about your door’s position whether it is the inner or outer side. In addition, the high-quality material and how the lock system operates are important to consider. In addition, a sophisticated door latch lock mechanism on a living, kitchen, and bathroom door is required. This ideal sort of lock for door security depends on the door and access type. So after getting to know the rim lock you need to spend the amount of money. By selecting the best suitable locks you can easily maintain safety and also save money for the long term.

So, it is suggested to consider the numerous factors while selecting the door locks for your home. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to selecting the best door lock. Furthermore, these products should have features like functionality, curb appeal, convenience, and security. 

Before going ahead you may need to use a specific type of lock to maintain your home’s door security grade. The security rating of your door will tell you a variety of things, including how long it will withstand attempts to break in with increasingly powerful tools. As you know you can’t fit one lock for all locations when it comes to choosing the right lock for your property. You should decide on the best house locks to buy for your home, so evaluate the type of door locks.

Types of Door Locks

No doubt, from various locks, it can be difficult to choose a door lock. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of important specs for the most common lock types. This will help you to choose the most secure door locks for your home. In addition to this, you also get some insight into how they work.

  1. Rim locks

Rim locks are also known as night latches that are surface-mounted on the inside of a door. They have a cylinder that allows the lock to be opened using a key from the outside. In addition, when the door is closed, a deadlatch will automatically lock. This allows you to leave the house faster to ensure that the door is locked behind you. They can be installed on both wood and metal doors. 

Due to the excellent security, deadlatch or night latch locks are used on external doors. As a result, they’re mostly found and best for front and back doors. Using them your door locks automatically whenever the door closes to reduce the chance of leaving your door unlocked.

  1. Mortice Sashlocks

They are built into the door and require the use of a key to open. They are generally seen on back doors and are frequently used with a cylinder rim lock. These mortice locks are frequently referred to as sash locks. These mortice locks with a keyhole and a bolt, it is also known as a deadlock. In addition, a sash lock consists of a bolt, a latch, and two handles. Majorly these locks will be installed on a wooden door. Keep in mind that they cannot be used on composite doors. External doors, whether front or back are really the most popular location for using the lever mortice locks. 

  1. Multiple Points Locking System

Multiple point locking systems generally operate by using a key. This lock system is installed on the body of the door and attached to the frame to lock it at various points. Basically, it is a common choice for external doors in the home because it provides a high level of security. In case someone tries to push the door open, its system distributes the weight over three, five, or even seven points. 

So if we talk about security they are best and more difficult to break. You may find multipoint locks are commonly seen on composite doors. In addition to this, due to their popularity, they can also be found on wood and aluminium doors. In terms of security, multi-point locks are a popular choice for both the front and backside of doors. It’s significantly difficult to force entry due to its several locking points. 

You may be surprised to know that to lock the entire mechanism, only one cylinder is required. Even more, multiple cylinder locks can be keyed to reduce the number of keys required for a single location. You can install timber or aluminium doors for better security.

  1. Euro Cylinder Locks

They are a type of cylinder lock that is known as an ‘anti-snap lock. This is a locking device that features an extra casing around the cylinder. Also, these locks have been designed and tested to withstand forced entry using the lock snapping or blow torching techniques. Due to this, it will result in the burglar snapping the lock cylinder. Furthermore, a fastening screw through the face of the euro cylinder will secure it within a lock case. 

Basically, this system is key-driven to secure the door by driving a deadbolt in the lock case. Before installing your euro-cylinder lock, make sure to check the rating to confirm it is actually anti-snap. So measure a euro-cylinder lock, you can do it after it has been installed. You just simply check the distance between the centre of the screw hole and the outside edge of the backplate. This can round up to the nearest 5mm as possible as per experts. Basically, Euro cylinder locks are the most common type of exterior door lock. 

In addition, this might apply to both front and back doors, as well as side and patio doors. For internal doors in commercial buildings such as companies, schools, and hospitals you can use them to secure your property. There is less chance of lock cracking, drilling, lock bumping, or picking while using a euro cylinder. They are simple to use, update or enhance. You can be keyed identically or master keyed which requires fewer keys to access a property.

Factors to Consider while Selecting a Lock

  1. Rating of the Door

In order to match or maintain your home’s door security rating, it is to select a specific type of lock. You can get this by your door’s security grade which will tell you a range of things. These things include how long the survival attempts to gain by using the powerful tools. It is important to take into account all things while selecting the desired locks for your door.

  1. Frame for the door

Along with the rating, the frame is also a crucial part of the door that can easily be defeated. Many individuals ignore the frame while finding the locks for their doors. So, a door may be strong enough to bear a lot of force, this will provide you security.

  1. Style of the Door

If you are a decoration lover, this aspect is important to consider in terms of looks. security, For this you need to select the best hardware cylinders in brass and polished finishes. So you can match the Ironmongery products with your home decor.


To summarise, you need to identify the right options, and which door latch locks are suited for your door’s material. It is up to you whether you’re installing an external door, make sure the rim lock meets security needs. Finally, you should consider all the above-discussed things while installing the systems installing the door locks.

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