Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Dubai

Let’s start with a fact. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak impacted our lives, we have realized that medical emergencies are unpredictable and can cause a financial upheaval. Moreover, this has made us understand the importance of having a good health insurance plan and healthcare insurance companies in Dubai. 

If you’re living in the UAE or considering relocating to the UAE, you should know that having health insurance is mandatory for all UAE residents. Even though the country has some of the finest healthcare infrastructures in the world, the rising costs of medical expenses can be financially strenuous for anyone. If your employer is sponsoring you, they are responsible for bearing your health insurance costs as well. However, if you are sponsoring yourself or have dependents, you have to get a health insurance policy compliant with the law of the Emirate in which you are residing. 

Fortunately, there are affordable yet comprehensive insurance options available. But the tricky part is choosing a health insurer out of the 60+ healthcare insurance companies in Dubai. So, to make the task easier, we have rounded up a list of top healthcare insurance companies in the UAE that offer great plans to safeguard your healthcare needs. 

1. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

Abu Dhabi National Company(ADNIC) is one of the best healthcare insurance companies in UAE, with expertise and experience in providing insurance services across the Middle East and MENA region. Backed with a long-standing reputation, outstanding financial ratings and a highly decorated record of industry awards, ADNIC ensures to take care of your healthcare needs with their best medical insurance solutions. 

This leading insurance company provides a suite of world-class health insurance plans that offer comprehensive local and global coverage. ADNIC deals in commercial and personal insurance products that are customizable and scalable. The medical and health insurance policy by ADNIC, known as SHIFA, offers medical coverage with the flexibility of a tier-based system. The four tiers, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, allow the customers to select the tier most suitable for their needs. Moreover, the company also provides an essential benefits plan that fulfils the DHA standards. 

2. AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance dubai

AXA Insurance is a multinational insurance giant with its roots in France and nearly 70 years’ worth of experience in the industry. The insurance company operates under its AXA Gulf subsidiary to provide you with the best medical care plans to protect you and your dependents against any injury or illness. Recognized for its quality insurance products, AXA always takes pride in offering competitively priced comprehensive insurance plans with varied benefits suitable for every budget. Being one of the top healthcare insurance companies, AXA offers its members easy access to an extensive range of medical providers around the UAE and across the globe. 


The insurance company offers health insurance plans in five variants under the term ‘Smart Health’, from which customers can choose based on their specific needs. With one of the highest claim settlement ratios and a multilingual customer care system to help out the members, AXA UAE company always prides to be efficient and helpful to its customers.

3. National General Insurance (NGI)


National General Insurance is one of the leading composite insurers that offers a full range of insurance services. Backed by the prominent key shareholders such as  Emirates Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai and Dubai Investments, NGI plays an important role as an accredited and integrated national insurance company in UAE. The diversified portfolio of NGI includes health insurance products and solutions for individuals and businesses. 


NGI offers a DHA compliant basic plan specifically devised for UAE residents with a salary below AED 4,000. Moreover, the insurance provider also has Healthnet plans that give you access to an extensive network of medical providers. Covering from medical emergencies to preventive wellness, NGI health insurance has flexible plans tailored according to your needs and budget. The insurance provider also is committed to superior customer service, multilingual support and a hassle-free claim declaration process. 

4. Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance company is a well-recognized insurance provider in the Middle East region. Working alongside the global insurer leader Bupa,  Oman Insurance brings exclusive health insurance services to its customers. This composite insurance company offer access to a vast and diverse network of healthcare facilities with direct billing options and quick claim settlements. The world-class health insurance plans from Oman Insurance company give you the flexibility and convenience of availing yourself of medical expertise beyond the borders. 


Oman Insurance is backed with strong financial ratings and has a well-designed online portal for claims policy management. The health insurance company is also one of the participating insurers that provide DHA compliant basic health coverage. In addition to that, the new HealthPlus policy from Oman Insurance provides six comprehensive plans for individuals and families, allowing you to make the best pick according to your needs and budget. 

5. Daman Health Insurance 

Daman Health Insurance 

Daman National Health Insurance Company, also known as the National Health Insurance Company, is a pioneer in healthcare insurance. Being UAE’s first specialized insurer, Daman has tie-ups with a multitude of health care centres regionally and globally. This non-life insurance company also organizes many health and fitness events in the UAE every year to help its customers stay healthy. Having set the highest standards in the medical insurance industry, Daman has been commended for its ongoing commitment to innovation, winning several accolades. 


Daman Health Insurance offers two types of medical insurance plans – for individuals and businesses. The individual health insurance policy has four different plans with different features and benefits, enabling you to choose the best option that meets your preset threshold of requirements. Daman also offers group health insurance solutions for SMEs and large corporate entities. The health insurance policy of Daman comes with a range of value added benefits such as international assistance services, expert medical opinion programs, case management and diseases management programs. 

That wraps our roundup of the top healthcare insurance companies in Dubai. These insurance companies provide multiple solutions that help you proactively manage your health and have peace of mind. Having good health insurance coverage not only offers you access to good medical facilities and treatments but also provides you with the financial confidence to take care of your loved ones.

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