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Top Five Treks You Should Take In Monsoon

Monsoon Most Visiting Areas

Monsoon is the ideal season for nature lovers to trek with all the Scenic views and clouds that touch the top of mountains. It’s a perfect time to go on a hike.

You will experience a distinct feeling like you were in the stairs of Fairytale .

Here are a few walks you must; explore during monsoon;

  • Valley Of Flowers Trek Valley Of Flowers Trek Valley Of Flowers Is Locate in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli region and is a very well-known Trek to Do In Monsoon. Well For Starters Valley Of Flowers is open in June and closes in October.It is liste on the list Of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. It’s also known as Phoolo Ki Ghati. The uniqueness of the Valley of Flowers is that there are more than 300 varieties of Flowers that are found here. Many uncommon species; of Animals  also discovere here; views from; here are so stunning; that it’ll bring your heart; to one beat.There is an Gurudwara name Hemkund Shahib. It is the highest; gurudwara found in the world. So make sure you visit it too; it is a hypnotic experience.
  • Best time to visitThe best time to visit the Valley Of Flowers is from June through October.
  • Level Of Difficulty- Level of difficulty of Valley Of Flowers ranges from easy to moderate.
  • Hampta Pass – Hampta Pass is locate at an altitude of 14;039 feet in the Himalayas. It was an important corridor connecting Kullu Valley and Lahaul’s Chandra Valley. Hampta Pass is a paradise for those who love nature and desires enjoy being in the lap of Nature. The weather and the landscape in Hampta pass are changing every hour. Therefore; all Nature Lovers should add Hampta Pass to their bucket list.
  • The best time to visit is during; the summer months; The best timing for you   Visit Hampta passes is from June through September .
  • The Level of Difficulty of difficulty of Hampta test is moderate.
  • Bhrigu Lake Bhrigu Lake Bhrigu Lake is a hike which isolates you from Human inhabitants as the location remains undiscovered; and is obscure from the public as well. Bhrigu Lake is situated; in the middle of Height that of Mt.Everest which is an accomplishment; in and of itself. The main attraction of this hike lies in the fact that Bhrigu Lake is Lake is frozen during July. due to the rainfall; the area offers a pleasant smell of moist soil.
  • The difficulty level of difficulty on this trek is from Easy to Moderate.
  • Markha Valley trek – Locate in Ladakh it is consider; to be an beautiful; treks during; Monsoon; Season and this trek is well-known throughout; the world. Markha Valley trek offers beautiful views of Ladakh and the Zanskar Mountains in Ladakh. The most memorable part of this trek is the moment you travel through Kongmaru La and the mesmerizing views of Mt Kang Yatse. This trek offers everything: Watercrossings; Lush Green Forests ; Barren Mountains. This must be an area worth visiting.
  • Best time to visit: The Best Time to Visit Markha Valley Trek is From July to September .
  • The The difficulty level in the Markha Valley Trek is Moderate to Difficult.
  • Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – locate in Kashmir at an altitude of 13;750 Ft situate 75km of Srinagar Kashmir; Great Lakes Is known; as the prettiest;Trek within India. It’s a one-of-a special place for Nature and Adventure Lovers. The area is filled with lakes. Lakes which; are name; in honor of gods; and each one has fascinating tales to tell ; and dured your trek you may; be able to see villages beneath; the area you are. Sonmarg is accessible from this hike.

It offers the 360-degree panorama of meadows ; Snow clad Mountains. Seven lakes of alpine are found throughout the trail .

This is a secret location; In Kashmir; There is a variety of Flora and Fauna that can be found in this region and also; such as maple trees; Pine Trees and numerous other trees are locate in this . So anyone who’s fond of hiking should include this on their Bucket List.

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  • The best time to visit – The best time to visit Kashmir Great Lakes is From June to September. Travel Write For Us
  • Level Of Difficulty : Level of difficulty for this trek is moderate to difficult . This trek is not recommende for beginners and therefore requires adequate training in trekking prior to starting this trek

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