Top Haircare Hacks for Mop Top Curly Hair

Having a beautiful mane of riotous curls can prove to be both a blessing and a curse. Refer to this mane-guide to help you stay in control of your curly mop:

Use shampoo less often

Don’t make a habit of shampooing hair very often. A typical shampoo is comprised up of harsh chemicals sulphates, especially, that strips hair of its natural oils and moisture. Dry hair leads to split ends and brittle hair.

Know your curly hair type

Varying patterns of curls involve specific styling and maintenance routines. Be sure that you narrow it down to your specific curl type before you work at picking hair finishing products and putting a routine in place for the same.

Get a trim regularly

Curly hair has to contend with the problem of split ends rather easily and is again susceptible to shrink from its original length. Getting a trim in a gap of about  6-8 weeks will not just, rid the split ends, it will also help you have better control of your hair length.

Start from the bottom

With curly hair no matter whether you are using a brush to detangle, or using a conditioner, it is good to start at the ends and work your way to the top.

Have a good wash

Doesn’t matter what is your pattern, start your mop-top curly hair routine with a good wash to help remove any dirt, grime, and excess oil. Pay attention to your roots, where the build-up tends to settle and lightly massage your cleanser from the roots to the ends of your hair. Choose one of the best quality mop top products when it comes to detangler cleanser, which is designed especially for this purpose.

Deep conditioning

Bi-monthly or at least once a month pampers your hair with a nice hair mask. A session of deep conditioning with a premium deep moisture mask will assist in restoring what your ordinary conditioner might not be able to. For an even more hydrating fix make use of a hair steamer to enable opening up the cuticle and let the mask ingredients, penetrate within the hair shaft.

Seal cuticles

Sealing the cuticles of your hair allow you to lock in some very essential moisture in your tresses, and it’s a very simple routine to follow. Simply use a dime-sized quantity of your favourite frizz cream to stop the humidity from getting in and take the moisture away from your locks.


Having said that, the trick to maintaining a healthy crop of mop-top curls is choosing good ingredients. What you put in and on your hair is just as vital as how you handle the same. Curls may be fragile particularly when already dried out. Hence, search out mop top products with ingredients that will not further strip it of natural oils, such as sulphates and alcohols. Also, stay away from products that block moisture absorption. It all depends on how intelligently you select the best hair care products for maintaining your mop-top hair.

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