Top New Free Fire Characters In 2021

Garena Free Fire game is always trending due to its frequent updates in which players get a chance to explore new items, skins, characters, and many more things in-game. In this article, we will discuss all the famous and “New Free Fire characters” added in the 2021 update.

If you are playing the Free Fire game then you may know that it has several different characters which are increasing day by day.

As you know that all these all new and famous FF characters are paid and people need to pay money to unlock these latest and famous characters. So, they want to know about all powers and abilities of premium characters before buying them for real money.

If you want to know about famous and new Free Fire characters then you are on the right page. because in this article we will try to mention few new and famous FF game characters. But one thing to keep in your mind that this is not an official ranking it’s based on an individual decision. So, don’t take it seriously while spending money.

FF Characters 2021

Players get few characters for free in-game while use other characters they need to reach a certain level in-game or buy them from the game store.

Friendly saying free characters have limited powers and abilities than paid characters or heroes that why players prefer paid heroes in-game.

According to the official sources paid hero’s skills are divided into two types passive skills and active skills.

Which famous and new Free Fire characters are worthy to buy for 2021?

As we have mentioned FF game has more than 37 game heroes with amazing features but the below-mentioned characters are more famous among FF players.

DJ Alok

Recovered 5HP for 10 seconds in-game.

If you reached level 6 of this game character then you will able to increase your ally speed up to 15% in-game and also have the option to increase recover HP time in-game too.

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This is a new hero which is added by developers in a recent April 2021 update that why most players don’t have enough knowledge about its skills.

It has special skill known as Play Squid Games online free which spread special sonic wave that have capacity to damages five gloo walls with in meter of hero.


This hero has a special active skill called Time-Turner which increases its movement speed up to 15% in a force field and also increases allies speed up to 10%. It also increases HP recovery time in-game too.

We have mentioned these famous and new characters on our own choice so don’t take it seriously. Try all heroes in-game in the trial version before selecting any premium heroes to buy with real money.

Final Words,

Top and New Free Fire characters with amazing skills and abilities allow players to perform in battle filed against their enemies from all around the world. If you want to use the latest FF heroes then try any one of the above-mentioned characters or heroes

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