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Top Treks to do in Karnataka


If you want to go bizarre on your next travel vacation you must not miss some of the best treks in Karnataka. Read the whole article to explore the best trekking places in Karnataka. What do we get to see in our crowded cities? The best getaway for people like you and me  is to jump on a journey to exalted peaks with streaming waterfalls, dark forests, and crisscrossed trails.

Home to huge mountains, Karnataka is a heaven for city peeps. If you want to get amazing memories, trekking in Karnataka is best, it will give you a wonderful experience.In Karnatak there are many trekking places, you can choose a place for trekking as per your choice of location, availability of time, and trekking experience.

Here is a list of best trekking places in Karnataka for trekking:

  1. Uttari Betta
  2. Gokarna
  3. Kurinjal Gudda


Uttari Betta

Uttari Betta is located 65km away from Bangalore , it is one of the most famous treks in Karnataka. This trekking spot is even attractive for its day trekking and sunrise view which is really very mesmerizing. 

This trekking journey starts with the morning twilight to reach the top and watch the sunrise. Trek is divided into two levels, depending on the level of your fitness to hike further. Your first hike will start from the foothills and marks a milestone once you will reach the fort wall. After passing through seven magical doors, you will reach the Shankeshwar Temple.

 The second summit will continue from the temple across a small forest cave. Surrounded by giant boulders across grassland, the second summit gives you an atmosphere of amazement, fun and excitement. After spending 2-3 hours exploring the mountains, taking pictures and doing various activities, you can start descending to the treks starting point.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Best Time to Visit Uttari Betta: Throughout the year leaving monsoons
  • Duration: You will need 12 hours.
  • Elevation: It is 3,708 feet

Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna town is located on the Arabian Sea. The Gokarna beaches are the most unique places for trekking in Karnataka. These beaches of Gokarna give a refreshing trekking experience to the trekkers by letting them enjoy nature’s beauty and glimmering sun rays.

If you are looking for a delightful treat of meditation and spiritual peace, this place is perfect for you, it will give you a relaxed holiday. With palm and coconut trees, clean ocean water and flare sand, this place attracts more international tourists than people of India. Aside from beach trekking, you can camp and light a bonfire at Paradise Beach. Various boat rides are also available for coming back to the campsite.

The trek used to start from the base of the beach where trekkers head towards the Kudle Beach, followed by Half Moon and OM beach. After visiting  one beach after another, visitors reach the Mahabaleshwar temple for meditation. On the way to stunning beaches, you may spot typical Indian huts and various beach birds.

Around 47 kilometres away from the Gokarna lie a popular Yana rocks which trekkers define as the stairs to paradise. The view is covered with the beauty of flora and fauna, tranquil water streams and several caves that will become a memory for you. The Yana rocks are very big or you can say huge, black boulders where you can spot numerous hives of bees and  bats along the land. In Yana Pandava Caves are the most famous attraction.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium
  • Best Time to Visit Gokaran: Is from October to March
  • Duration: Only 2 days
  • Distance from the Bangalore: 483 km (approx)
  • Elevation is of: 328 feet

Kurinjal Gudda

This place is a blessing for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts as an abundance of flora and fauna can be spotted across the way. The uneven  lands are lined with mosses and orchids, which makes the place more amazing and breathtaking.

For starting trekking, you first reach the Kudremukh National Park and complete with all the required formalities. The rolling trekking trails of high peaks are a perfect treat for adventure seekers. Along your trekking journey, you will spot the Kadambi and the Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls. Most of the trekkers enjoy activities like camping, bonfire and bird watching at Kurinjal Gudda.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium
  • Best Time to Visit: Whole year
  • Duration: 1 day only
  • Distance from the Bangalore: 294 km
  • Elevation is of: 3,596 feet

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