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Logo designing is one of the biggest industries in the world, making your brand identity a priority. Often people ignore the importance of logos, thinking it is useless or the least important thing to invest in when it is crucial to the business growth. We firmly believe if a brand is not recognizable, it should close down because, let’s be honest, most people know brands because of their logos. Hence, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say logos derive sales.  A logo design company should be your priority when setting up a business to represent your company’s products, services, ideology, etc., in a symbol.

Many of the brands you know today are easily recognizable because of attractive logos. Take an example of McDonald’s; how do you recognize it? Of course, the letter M in yellowish golden color represents the brands. Thus, a logo should represent your business. One of the biggest misconceptions about logos is that they need to be extended when the scenario is quite different. The shorter and simpler the logo is, the more easily it is remembered.

Though it also depends on other factors to like your business domain, goal, and target audience.  Every brand you can think of right now is because of its logo, be it the color, symbol, letter, shape, or anything associated with it, leaving a brand mark on your mind. The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of animated logos to create immersive experiences, making logo animation services familiar worldwide. Let’s dive deeper into a few types of logos to understand them better.

The 6 Logo Design Company Animation Logos

  1. Rotating Logo Design

As the name suggests, these logos get made in a unique formation that allows all or some of the logo elements to rotate. Most of the time, rotating logos follow a bold font since they target the playful side of the interaction, attracting people to remember it for a long time. Others might follow a static text in their logo design while letting the other elements move. It uses rotating shapes, layers, and lens flares to create animated logos customizable according to your business needs. The unique logo used for social media implement its designs for presentations, videos, events, etc. It creates powerful logos with simple templates. The Giants Owl Production and 500px are examples of rotating logo designs.

  1. Morphing Logo

These days, the ultimate logo animation company is creating a morphing logo using one text and one logo placeholder. The creatively animated logo requires a clean logo reveals for slideshows, videos, etc. Brikk, for example, transforms its letters into neon brick, creating immersive entertainment. Other logo designs may include transforming products into signature icons representing the company’s products or services. Your business logos do not have to be boring. In fact, the more captivating it is the more chances of getting seen and remembered by your target audience. Google, for example, uses unique logo animation services that turn the word into a microphone, jumping balls and ending with the letter G, representing the company. The GIFs are a prime example of such logos.

  1. Hiding and Revealing Logos

We all love the game hide and seek as kids; well, we still do as it creates the urge to find the person hidden. Similarly, the hiding and revealing logos are the new animation designs that surprise the audience as it reveals and slowly hides. Such logos use initials of the business name and then gradually move to reveal the full name. An example of this type of logo is Delfina Foundation, which uses a monogram logo to animate the design. The logo is seen shrinking, vanishing, and then revealing its initials D and F. The initial used were white against a black background, making them stand out. At the same time, another logo design company may use a trick design or a simple one to reveal their company’s full name.

  1. Expanding Logo Design

A logo needs to be attractive in the simplest of design using crowded space, but with the animation logo services, you can use the shrink and expend technique to scale your logo design. These flexible logos are adjustable to any shape or size. Ideo Architekci, for example, uses the expanding logo design technique. It uses a yellow color shape background with black fonts to expand the scope while looking the same. The unique logo uses a sans serif typeface and grid-based framework.

  1. Hand-drawn Logo Designs

Are you looking for a more personal touch to your logo designs? Hand-drawn logos give a human-like feel while connecting the audience with the brand. Logo designers have been experimenting with different types of logos for a decade, but this time they are blending animation into the logos. The smooth strokes and blotch marks have never-ending limits. Fashion designers like Feral Sphere mostly use logo animation services to create trendy logos.

  1. 3D Logo Designs

3D is being implemented in every field, so how was it possible to leave logos behind. The three-dimensional logos create realistic designs that make the image come to life, allowing people to relate easily and enjoy. For example, Campus by MaultiAdaptor is a 3D logo that uses static visuals to create a rotating cube design, spinning on a 3D axis. The advancement in technology is creating extraordinary experiences, and it is not far when 4D logos will be in trend, creating a competitive advantage for businesses using it.


Logo designs play a vital role in the success of your business. If you already have a logo, but it does not bring the audience to your doorstep, then it’s most probably to change your logo and come up with an eye-catching, trendy yet straightforward logo design. If you have no or less idea about what types of logo trends to go for, you can always hire a logo design company to create stunning designs. It’s the 21st century and almost time to leave traditional logo designs and start implementing 4D logos to capture a vast market.

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