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Trends That Make You a Savvy Home Buyer in The New Normal

Because of job security and greater employment, renters are now buying properties outright when they are younger. Homeowners have been forced to reconsider their objectives. And how they intend to use their space as a result of the covid-19 outbreak. Goel Ganga Developments are offering a variety of design-related features such as theme-based developments. This includes international design standards and fitouts, tech-enabled residences, and world-class amenities.  This is to attract investor and end-user demand from the migrant population.

Furthermore, community living and township development are becoming increasingly popular. Pune’s developers have been more imaginative in keeping up with the city’s IT sector’s migrant surge. It resulted in amenities that are superior to those found in other metros.

Green Homes

In the wake of a heightened focus on climate change over the last few decades, today’s salaried and upwardly mobile shopper is more ecologically sensitive. According to Annuj Goel, director of Goel Ganga Developments, internet of things-based water metre technology has become the norm, with demand not restricted to smart homes alone, but also user-friendly dwellings.

It must also meet the requirements for ease of use and controllability. As consumers want to save time and energy in their hectic schedules. With more individuals utilising smart technologies at home, it is possible to scale up, cut costs, build industry standards, and reduce databased tools.

As more service providers come up with reasonable prices, Pune, as an IT and manufacturing powerhouse with a tech-savvy population, will readily adapt to the smart home revolution.

Millennials Buyers

Many wannabe homebuyers will be cheered by rising employment data this holiday season. The Indian economy has recovered from the effects of the pandemic. Therefore, sectoral restart is showing signs of resilience and growth recovery. Formal areas such as IT have shown strong signs of recovery. Increased hiring has resulted in an increase in worker confidence.

The IT crowd is primarily comprises of young people who have always opted to live in a rental because of their career mobility. As a result of the Covid-19 problem, the thinking of these renters who are directly purchasing properties in their younger years has shifted dramatically.

The rise in hiring and salary evaluation has created stability and confidence, encouraging homebuyers to lock in deals with developers while the low-interest rates and festive bonanza persist.

Plenty of Offers

Hybrid working has boosted demand for smart infrastructure-enabled homes, which has seen an increase in cities like Pune. The hybrid work model is being increasingly adopted across industries, which will only increase demand over the next two quarters.

Furthermore, Goel Ganga Developments Pune festive season offers enticed a number of consumers to invest in residential developments like Ganga Amber, which have smart infrastructure and digital solutions for better return on investments.

Hybrid Workplaces

Physical offices have a mixed response because they have their own set of demands. According to Goel Ganga Developments Reviews, some of the popular amenities in their ongoing projects include business centres, guest accommodation facilities, car wash, and charging points for electric vehicles.

As the back to work period begins, digital technologies in commercial areas will recover favor. Unique QR codes, social distancing, CCTV-based parking management, number plate identification, and heat mapping for the busiest locations on-premises. These are the examples of tech-based amenities that will assure workplace safety and sanitation.

The most popular, fast-moving flats in Pune are large, expansive, and green residences. As long as WFH and online education are available, individuals will be in their homes only. They have realized the value of having a large amount of room. A significant portion of property buyers are upgrading to a larger space with improved social infrastructure and recreational amenities.

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