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Types of Social Media Platforms & What’s Right for You!

Social Media

These days Social media is all around. Businesses utilize social media marketing in billboards, commercials, radio, websites, and consistently on cell phones and additional devices. You can also notice logos for Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr at the base of numerous websites. Further, you can subscribe to blogs, become a fan or a friend, communicate and join in several ways. Nonetheless, how is this social networking helping us, and are the firms using these venues noticing measurable outcomes?

The index of various social media platforms and the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing them can be overwhelming. Still, there are a few that are most beneficial. It is essential to recall that not all businesses disburse their time and money on such platforms. So, it is most suitable to analyze just what your expected results are before initiating a social media drive. Estimating the costs and potential profits of each venue help in narrowing down which kind of social media program you should incorporate into your SEO approach. 


Blogs are widely known as the foundation of social media campaigns that add personality to your websites, enhance the perception of industries, familiarize others through the mobilization of your understanding of the market, build an expressive investment in your business, create brand awareness, and more. Further, blogs can be united with other social media venues and hold your Twitter streams or Facebook posts live on the blog itself.

One of the drawbacks to blogs is that they require to be genuine to their readers as you should be to your clients. Your readers will determine whether you hold a fake understanding of your industry, a great emphasis on yourself and not on them, and whether or not you are involve with the blog regularly. Along those lines, blogs are also frequently updated, which can be complex from the outlook of the time. Before creating a blog for the company, you must consider such factors. 


Facebook is one of the considerably widespread and relevant platforms for social networking. Though trends come and go, Facebook is the second social media platform employ after blogging. It is because it brings brand awareness to the subsequent level by making the logo of your company visible and enabling people to easily share information regarding your business to all their “friends”. Individuals who evolve as your fans can be reminding of your existence through news, status updates, and other interactions. In addition, Facebook presents an analytical tool through which every business can consider its weekly information documenting recent fans, numbers of relations, and kinds of actions taken on their pages.

The drawback to Facebook is that, like blogging, the time needed to hold the company page, although the time required here is much less than on venues like Twitter.


As noted above, an enormous amount of energy and time is need to handle a Twitter account. With nearly 27.3 million tweets each day, holding track of who is speaking about your business, your creation, or who might require to learn about you can be overwhelming, to say the smallest. Further, an individual must keep in mind different factors such as the necessity to “retweet” or respond quickly, keep a suitable “follower to following” proportion to secure sounder optimization, and a host of different variables.


Yes, YouTube is a social media platform. What’s better, it is likewise the 2nd most widely using search engine following Google. Yea, we did speak “search engine”. YouTube is utilizing greatly by the younger generation and not as often as those who may hold the resources to evolve as a client. The benefits of maintaining an online social media existence through Youtube comprises a potentially large audience for businesses on a friendly budget and the capability to “tag” keywords to videos so that you will hold a fair prospect of being witness when your representations are discover. 

Concluding Statement

As with all kinds of social media venues, what is alluring today might not be in tomorrow. Businesses must accurately decide what to allot their time and resources to improve brand awareness and hold a favorable reputation both on- and offline.

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