Typical Signs Of Drunk Driving And Nuances Of Assault Cases That You Should Know

Drunk driving and assault are some of the most commonly pursued cases in Texas. Indeed, drunk driving is even more common than assault cases. Almost every night there are drivers caught by police for drunk driving. It is worth pondering how do the police know that someone is driving under the influence of alcohol? Are you offering them clues by your behavior? Let us understand clues that the police often pick up for drunk driving. Here is a list that every experienced Weatherford Dwi attorney would like you to recognize.

  • Swerving

Alcohol makes you blurry, weakens motor functions, and slows reaction time. The result – your car swerves on the road. If police see your car swerving for no apparent reason, they are very likely to pull you over.

  • Speeding

Alcohol may make you immune to safety hazards. You may indulge in excessive speeding. This is a pointer for the police to pull you over and investigate.

  • Ignoring Road Signs

When you are under the influence of alcohol, you may violate traffic signs. So, if you are breezing through stop signs, the police would pull you over and prosecute you not just for a traffic violation, but also a DWI.

  • Other Signs

A slurred speech, clumsiness while talking and smell of alcohol or such other substance from the vehicle are some other signs that make nail the case of DWI against you. They would very likely subject you to breath tests which would nail you unless you are drunk below the permissible level.

Contact a Weatherford DWI attorney

If you are not yet caught for DWI, this list will help you. However, if you are already caught, you need a good attorney to save you. There are many of them. you just need to contact the right person with experience in fighting similar cases.

Assault Cases

Assault cases make up a sizable portion of cases registered against individuals in Texas. If you have assaulted a person you may be booked under Class A, Class B, Or Class C Assault Texas. For class A or B, the terms of penalty are higher than that in class C. Yet, you must note that it does not take much for the purported victim to escalating the charge to a class B or A case. Indeed, what he or she needs is to accuse you of trying to harm you physically or mentally.

The Defense

There is ample evidence to show that purported victims in assault cases can escalate charges to class B or A if you don’t hire a competent attorney. So, even if it is a Class C Assault Texasregistered against you, you need to take care to see that you are hiring a competent and experienced attorney to fight your case. Such an attorney can also quash the allegations against you and set you free without any penalty.


Whether you are accused of a DWI or assault, you need to hire a competent and experienced lawyer. These are the people who can quash all the charges leveled against you or at least bring them down to minimize the punishment.

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