Tyre Brands And Codes To Know And Understand

Multiple tyre brands in the market offer a wide range of variants. Some of them include:

Continental: With a resume of 150 years of experience, Continental is a leading contender in the tyre manufacturing industry. The company uses special compounds and clever designs to produce tyres Wrexham that will deliver superior performance and safety.

You can explore a wide range of continental tyres available for expensive to low-range budgets. The company thoroughly examines all the tyres it manufactures and ensures they adhere to all on-road safety standards.

Most Popular Continental Tyres Include

SportContact™ 6

ContiSportContact™ 5 P

WinterContact™ TS 870 P

Bridgestone: Ranked among the leading brands of the world, Bridgestone has been manufacturing and distributing tyres for over 90 years. The company is trusted for their high-quality and durable tyres that provide a comfortable and stable drive. By performing constant research, the company manufactures innovative and environmentally friendly tyres perfect for different types of automobile, weather and road conditions. Installing Bridgestone tyres on your vehicle will provide you with the confidence and safety to tackle any road or terrain. With a years-long commitment to producing the best tyres, Bridgestone is now the tyre provider for multiple sporting events and has even partnered with Olympic and Paralympic.

Most Popular Bridgestone Tyres Include




Pirelli: The Italian manufacturer, Pirelli is placed among the best 5 tyre companies across the earth. The company offers dependable and affordable tyres in over 160 countries and has state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture premium-quality tyres for all types of vehicles and models. The Pirelli tyres are well known for their improved fuel efficiency, cornering ability and handling.

Most Popular Pirelli Tyres Include

The P ZERO™ (PZ4)



Nexen Tyres Wrexham: Nexen is a world-known tyre producing company that provides premium-quality tyres to millions of car owners worldwide. With regular research and development, the company introduces new and innovative tyres. The market for various segments.

Most Popular Nexen Tyres Include

N Fera Supreme

N’blue 4 Season

N Fera Sport SUV

Tyre Markings

After selecting the company, the next step is to find the right tyre by examining the tyre code. Below we break down every marking on the sidewall for you to make an easy selection yourself.

A tyre with the markings 205 70 R 14 84T

205: The initial 3 numbers relate to the tyre width. Width plays an important role because wide tyres will improve traction but also decrease fuel efficiency at the same time.

70: The next set of numbers after the width is the aspect ratio. This ratio, calculated based on height and width. If a tyre has an aspect ratio of 70 that means the height is 70% of the width. A low aspect ratio offers stability in driving, and a high will improve grip.

R: The first letter on the tyre code marking points to the construction type. If a tyre has the letter R and it means it is of Radial construction. Other types of construction making include D for diagonal, and B for bias belt.

The tyre with the markings relate to the diameter

14: After the construction marking, the next two numbers relate to the diameter. A tyre that has a 20-inch diameter mark on the sidewall, indicates that it can be fitted on a wheel of the same size.

85: After the diameter, the next two or three digits indicate the load index. The load index reveals the capacity of weight a tyre can carry at the highest supported speed index. In the above example, 85 means that the tyre can carry up to 1135 lbs.

T: After the load index is the speed index. It denote by a letter and tells the maximum speed a tyre can go. If a tyre has a speed index of T, it means it can be driven up to 118 mph.

You can drive down to a tyre repair centre or contact a tyre expert if you want to know more about Tyres Wrexham.

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