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Understanding Male Impotence: What Are the Different Types?

Understanding Male Impotence: What Are the Different Types?

Finding the root cause of male impotence is the first step in treating it. Erectile problems can result from a variety of factors, including psychological and physical. Although the act of not getting an erection is purely physical, it can also be caused by psychological or physical reasons. The Pfizer Cenforce 120 drug Viagra is the best impotence treatment. The type of impotence that you have will determine the type of treatment you receive. There are five main types of impotence:

  • Diabetic
  • Venogenic
  • Psychogenic
  • Neurogenic
  • Hormonal
  • Let’s learn more about each variation.

Diabetic impotence

About half of the men suffering from erectile dysfunction are diagnosed as diabetics. Diabetes and impotence are closely connected, so it is important to take special care when treating erectile dysfunction in diabetics. It is highly recommended that you have the HbA1C test performed every time you visit your doctor. The test measures blood sugar levels and your doctor can adjust your treatment based on this report. Fructosamine is another recommended blood test for the same purpose. These tests may indicate that you should make changes to your diet.

Venogenic impotence

The penile veins will not keep blood from entering the penis. You won’t be able to get the hardness that you require. This is the cause of venogenic impermanence. This causes the penis to lose its rigidity and blood flow. Your penis must be close tightly to prevent any leakage. This will ensure a firm and strong erection. This type of erectile dysfunction happens most often. This factor is responsible for nearly half of all cases of impotence. Penile vein problems can also cause impotence in men. Some men may never conceive, while others will experience the problem over time.

Psychogenic impotence

In the case of this type of erectile disorder, the mind takes control. Psychological obstacles can be cause by a lack of sexual experience, performance anxiety, or lack of self-confidence. These psychological obstacles may make the penis heavier, pulling it towards the ground, and keeping it there.

Neurogenic impotence

A damaged peripheral nervous system could cause a disruption in the process that leads to an erection. Erectile problems can be cause by damage to the nerves that transmit signals from the brain and penis.

Hormonal impotence

Two hormones that regulate sexual activity are testosterone and estrogen. Erectile dysfunction can be cause by an imbalance in the levels of these hormones. In 5% of cases, this type of impotence is common. However, sex drive is more affected by hormonal factors than erections.

Viagra addresses the physical reasons that Viagra prevents the penis from erecting when a man desires to have sex. Viagra sildenafil is becoming more popular as the Pfizer blue pill, which treats impotence, has been voted the best Super P Force drug in the world.

Weight Loss Tips For Men

You may have noticed the difference in weight loss TV ads for women and men.

However, fitness programs are not geare towards women. “Pumping iron” is aime at men.

It could be that men have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio than women and therefore can burn more calories. Or is it because we as a society place more emphasis on women’s attitudes toward food, while men’s views of food are neither good nor evil. However, there is weight loss information available for men regardless of where they stand in the debate.

Men can lose weight by eating a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise is also a good idea. Although men and diet seem like an inextricable combination, men can’t eat the same way as women. Men need more calories than women so more emphasis should be given to an exercise program than a strict diet.

Men should eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fish, meats, and pasta. Because alcohol can increase the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure in men, however,


Eliminating alcohol is the key to proper dieting for men. Beer, as well as being high in fat, can be as fat-rich as a martini. It also increases belly fat. Men tend to store more fat around their midsection than women, who store it around their pelvic area, hips, and thighs.

Men are more likely to gain weight if they have stress. High-stress levels can be attribute to work-related and financial pressures. High-stress levels can make it difficult for men to feel in control.

Cortisol is a hormone that men produce. This hormone stimulates fat storage in the abdomen and increases the risk of developing heart disease. Although physical exercise is a good way to lose weight and make your body more stable and healthy, it can be very difficult. Although men might argue that there isn’t enough time, it is in their best interest to exercise to reduce stress.

Start with a balanced diet that includes protein, such as fish, poultry, turkey, eggs, and carbohydrates. Fats like oil, nuts, and seeds are also include.


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