Uses of CCTV in Nursing Homes

The CCTV helps in recording and storing sound and visual information. The cordless sensors use the ISM wave frequency of 24142468MHz to record a clear live image. It has a rechargeable battery that can run for several hours and does not require additional energy.

The nursing homes are often prone to different crimes and cheating regarding the medical health of the patients. Thus, we will discuss how it is important to use CCTV in a nursing home.

Security cameras are a great way to protect an elder care facility or nursing home. The number of retirees living in group or nursing homes has been rising consistently for a number of years.

CCTV: What is it?

Camera footage or closed-circuit television is the full form of CCTV. In contrast to “normal” television, which is aired to the general public, “closed-circuit” television is projected to a small (restricted) set of computers.

CCTV was first used by the Germans to observe the launch of the V2 rockets. Since then, it has evolved into the comprehensive security camera technology we know and use it as today.

This was subsequently employed by Scientists and researchers as part of the dropping of the atomic trials.

First, we will discuss the different types of CCTVs available for hospital use.

  1. Digitalization of videography.
  1. Networking: These systems use a camera network to broadcast video over the internet and can be used with analogue or digital sensors. Moreover, Surveillance cameras can combine many sensors into a single unit, allowing them to cover a wider area than multiple cameras or other camera systems could.
  1. Analog: The photos can be saved on a personal computer or tape recorder and require a video storing card. Analogue HD is a step up from previous technologies, allowing for a higher quality of 1080 pixels.

Uses of CCTV in nursing homes:

One of the important factors if you have a loved one in a nursing home is assuring that the caretakers are doing an excellent job. Do you get time to go to the nursing home daily?

It can be extremely difficult to keep track of your loved one’s health.

Now, the highly contagious disease has forced many residents of entire facilities to implement a “no visitors” policy.

CCTV in Nursing Homes
CCTV in Nursing Homes

Installing a virtual monitor in your loved one’s room or launching a CCTV in a nursing home, similar to employing “nanny cams” with your children, is a feasible answer.

However, before you place a surveillance camera in a private nursing facility area, you should be aware of the applicable legislation.

The legality of placing recording devices, on the other side, has now become a legally grey area.

Places, where CCTV sensors will be allowed to install, below, are the places

  1. Mexico
  2. Kansas
  3. Louisiana
  4. Washington
  5. Texas
  6. Illinois
  7. Oklahoma

 But, in the end, we would like to state that before deciding to install a CCTV in a nursing home, you must gain a thorough grasp of the surveillance system first.

You must consider the appropriate safety systems to meet your demands and expectations. Once you’ve gained the knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of using such technologies, you’ll feel more confident in your decision.

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