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What are Dental Braces, and Why Do We Need Them?

When a person is consulting an orthodontist, they first have a consultation, which includes an initial examination, a discussion of their dental history, and a study of their teeth and mouth X-rays. It assists the orthodontist in determining whether the disease is severe enough to necessitate dental braces in Dubai and, if so, what the best therapy is and how long it will take. An orthodontist may believe that an alternative treatment approach would address the condition and better suit the individual’s needs.

What are dental braces?

Dental braces In Dubai , also known as orthodontic cases, are orthodontic devices used by dentists to straighten crooked teeth or correct a misaligned bite. They aid in repositioning teeth, intending to adjust the sharpness and result in a wonderfully straight smile.

Braces function by applying consistent pressure to each tooth to shift it to the desired position. At each subsequent appointment to your accredited dentist, they are tightened slightly more, providing somewhat more stress to the teeth to continue to shift them into their proper place.

What are dental braces used for?

1.) Overbite

Do your bottom teeth occasionally bite into the roof of your mouth or vanish when you bite? You might be suffering from a severe overbite. Pronounced overbites, if left untreated, can cause gum tissue damage as well as harm to your front teeth.

Our orthodontists can improve the look of your smile by correcting your overbite, regardless of your age. However, you should be aware that treating overbites in youngsters is more accessible since their jaws haven’t finished developing, making them easier to move during orthodontic treatment.

2.) Underbite

When you smile, do your lower teeth overlap the upper teeth? You may have an underbite, which an orthodontist can treat if this happens. Underbites are especially harmful when eating or talking since they increase your risk of mouth harm.

Contact the best orthodontists if you feel an underbite. The orthodontists are more than equipped to straighten your teeth and give you a stunning smile.

3.) Open Bite

In front of the mirror, make a happy face. Is there a visible difference between your top and lower teeth? If this is the situation, you may have an open bite. Patients with available bites frequently have trouble eating or speaking appropriately. They may also engage in humiliating behaviours such as tongue thrusting.

If you have an open bite, our orthodontists can repair it with orthodontic treatment that includes traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign braces.

4.) Spacing

Are your teeth unevenly spaced, resulting in significant gaps in your smile? It might be due to teeth being proportionately tiny compared to the rest of your mouth, or it could be due to missing teeth.

Closing the significant gaps in your grin may appear to be a purely aesthetic concern. It can, however, help you protect your dental health. Food particles can become caught and gather on your gums if your teeth are widely spread apart, resulting in foul breath, cavities, and other dental difficulties.

5.) Crowding

One of the most prevalent causes for seeking orthodontic treatment is cosmetic reasons. If it appears that there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth, you may have a crowding problem that causes your teeth to overlap. Fixing crowded teeth may make a massive difference in the look of your smile.

Correcting your crowded teeth might also aid in the prevention of cavities. Dental plaque prefers to lurk in places that toothbrush bristles cannot reach. The plaque will not conceal as effectively once your teeth are straightened.

What are types of dental braces in Dubai?

Metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign or invisible braces are the four primary forms of braces.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are made with metal brackets and wires. Modern metal braces are significantly thinner and less obtrusive than they used to be, and they even have heat-activated archwires that use your body heat to help move teeth more quickly and painlessly.

It is the most economical form, and the option of exciting coloured bands allows you to customise them with your favourite colours. The most apparent form of braces is traditional metal braces.

Ceramic Braces

While they are the same size and form as metal braces, they include tooth-coloured or clear brackets that blend in with the teeth for a more natural appearance. Some even provide tooth-coloured wires for even more subtlety.

Ceramic braces are a fantastic alternative for folks who want the quick results of metal braces but don’t want them to be visible on their teeth. If not correctly cared for, this style can quickly discolour.

Lingual Braces

These braces are similar to metal braces. However, they are worn on the interior of the teeth. It renders them undetectable from the outside, making them more challenging to clean. They might be more unpleasant initially, and modifications can take longer than traditional braces.

Invisalign (Invisible Braces)

Invisalign are transparent braces consisting of 18 to 30 personalized clear plastic removable aligners updated every two weeks. These let you eat and drink anything you want while being nearly undetectable. They are also the most expensive choice, are only offered for teens and adults, and may produce slower effects than regular braces.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The Cost of dental braces in Dubai will vary depending on your specific situation. Ceramic braces in Australia can cost between AED 5,000 and AED 8,500 for standard 18-month therapy. Metal braces can cost as much as AED 8,000. Lingual braces start at around AED 7,500 for a single arch and go up to 12,500 for a complete treatment. Clear braces typically cost between AED 2,000 and AED 9,000, depending on the type of aligners you obtain and your specific situation. dental cover saves you 15% – 40% off all kinds of braces with quality recognised dentists.

Final words

Healthy teeth and gums, better facial structure, and increased self-esteem are just a few of the numerous advantages of using braces to straighten your teeth.

Braces function by applying pressure to your jawline to alter the appearance of your smile. Straight teeth and a correctly positioned jaw can influence your beauty and your general health.

Braces take time to work, and treatments differ from person to person. If you’re thinking about having braces, talk to your dentist.

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