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What are the Best Ways to Study for Strategy Exams in an MBA Program?

In an MBA program, strategic exams have an important role. No company wants to hire a person who lacks in strategic management. And every student studies to have a degree. So that he can show his skills at the industrial level. If you fail in your degree, how can you serve the industry? Technology has become so advanced. You can get assistance from online sources. You can buy dissertation writing services online. For this, you do not have to go somewhere and put in your efforts. But can get assistance at your home. Or do you have to note down the best ways to study for a strategic exam? Some best ways to study for the strategic exam are as follows. Let’s have a look.

Best Ways to Study for Strategic Exams

In the strategic exam, case-based education is covered to analyze the case. Its exam can go up to 24 hours long. Here you have to analyze the cases during the module.

Let’s get to know the best ways to study for strategic exams?

1. Cases from HBS

The first best way to study for the strategic exam is to go through cases from HBR. For this, who may have different approaches. Whatever is suitable, just go for that. First of all, ask your teacher for assistance. Here you are sure that your teacher is an expert in your field. So you would not feel doubt about his suggestions. If a teacher is not available, you can ask your senior friends. They have already experienced these things. And here also you are sure about their capabilities. To buy a dissertation writing service online should be your approach. In this case, you have to put some effort into ensuring which service is best. For this, you have to check their terms and condition. Or you can check their reviews. Cases from HBR assist you in the context of the framework. In HBR, you have to evaluate the real-life problem. In the business executive role, it is a basic requirement for MBA students. And you can practice HBR with your fellows.

2. Porter’s Five Forces

The second best way to study for a strategic exam is porter’s five forces. The purpose of porter’s five forces is to analyze some important factors. It includes the strength factors and weaknesses of the industry. It helps a lot to identify how to structure the industry in a good way. And this any industry can increase its production rate. That leads the industry towards more revenue. Porter’s five forces ensure that how to sustain levels of profit. It is important to get it for strategic exams in the MBA program. The five components of porter’s forces are as follow,

  • Competition in the industry
  • Potential of new entrants into the industry
  • Power of suppliers
  • Power of customers
  • The threat of substitute products

3. Profit Pool

At the industrial level, the major requirement is to focus on profit rate. After that, revenue is discussed. So in the MBA program, the practice of profit pool is very common and important. In profit, you have to see details of each product. By this industry make a value chain. And that value chain basically shows the profit rate of any industry. For this, you can buy the best dissertation writing services online. They have so many experts in the field. That can guide you on using this strategy model in the best way. Or how to prepare for a strategic exam with a profit pool?

4. Porter’s Generic Strategies

Porter’s generic strategy is another important aspect of the strategic exam. This aspect helps you to understand the tricks to handle competitors. At the market level, it is the core point that is required for the reputation of the company.

Final Thoughts

On the other hand, you should get command on experience cure. An analysis of the two-sided market also works well to pass a strategic exam. All the discussed aspects have a particular role in the MBA program. And it is necessary to grasp each factor. By doing so, you can perform well in your strategic exam. And after completing your MBA program, you would be able to serve the industry.

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