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What are the biggest benefits for businesses From Laravel Framework?

If you’re a business owner or an individual developer looking to build enterprise-level apps for clients This article is written perfect for you. Web development can be complicated and difficult, isn’t it? However, there’s an opportunity to make it simpler with the help of Laravel Framework – an open source web development framework that is PHP-based. It was designed to make the complicated web development process easier and more efficient, Laravel offers an impressive and sophisticated syntax.

Laravel simplifies web development’s tasks that are redundant, like caching, routing, and authentication, which makes it among the most well-known PHP frameworks available. But what makes this framework so well-known? Why are numerous companies embracing Laravel for their development processes?

The market for development is brimming with many open source PHP developing frameworks. There’s Symfony, CakePHP, Yii2 , Zend and CodeIgniter. The last one listed is Laravel’s most competitive competitor with regard to market shares.

Market Part for Laravel Framework and Different PHP Frameworks

These frameworks have been created to make the development process simple and websites quicker and more efficient.

Unique Benefits of the Laravel Framework

1. Access to Pre-built Components

Laravel is a treasure trove of features. It’s the Artisan command-line program, the MCV architecture, or the accessibility of libraries that are object-oriented, Laravel has everything programmers need to create robust websites more quickly. It also provides 3rd party integration capabilities, such as tests,, rapid API and much more, which will further speed up the development process and cost.

2. Optimized to increase security

A study by Positive Technology has revealed that the majority of websites have at least one flaw, and that this is about 85% of the risks they confront. Even though there is no framework that has the capacity to allow developers to create websites that are 100% secure, Laravel differs in the way its development community is constantly working on the release of security patches. In addition, Laravel also features built-in security features that protect from cross-site scripting SQL injections, cross-site requests forgeries and many more.

3. Strong Developer Community

The success of a web development frameworks is heavily dependent on the developers who use the framework. Developer communities play an important role in answering questions and publishing use cases for frameworks, repairing gaps and improving frameworks. They also play a crucial role in helping guide beginners in their first steps using the framework.

In terms of Laravel is in the realm of web development is concerned, it has a solid community that regularly rolls out new modules and plugins. So, regardless of how complicated your business web site project may be it is just a few clicks away from getting help from Laravel developers from all over the world.

The Top 3 Key Features of Laravel Framework

1. Modular Development Process

Laravel can be described as a collection that contains more than 20 distinct libraries that can be classified as distinct modules. These are the libraries that make up Laravel is. This is because Laravel allows developers to use an approach that is modular to creating complex and responsive web apps that are easy to use. Additionally, the complexity involved in the development of enterprise-level applications can be easily handled by using this modular method.

2. Artisan CLI

One of the most notable characteristics in Laravel can be found in the Artisan Command Line Interface. With the aid of Artisan it is possible for developers to complete some of the most complicated tasks in a matter of minutes. In addition, it helps developers create databases and then seamlessly transfer these structures seamlessly. Artisan can also help you develop your own commands to make it easier to develop.

3. Unit Testing Facilities

The development of applications doesn’t end with programming. Testing is an essential part of development and Laravel lets you test your application with multiple tests in a unit without the requirement to run separate tests to evaluate the performance for your app. 

5 standout features of the Laravel Framework

1. Routing System

The routing mechanism of Laravel allows developers to select the path that an application will be able to trigger.

2. Consistently Updated

Laravel is continuously being updated. Therefore, it is a good choice to develop future-proof apps that can endure the tests of time.

3. Laravel Packages

The 5.5 upgrade, users no longer have to setup new aliases in order to install Laravel packages. The framework will do it automatically.

4. Rapid Time-To-Market

It opens the door to a rapid development that in turn gives customers a rapid time-to-market

5. Coding Simplified

It also simplifies programming by using Blade Template Engine. Blade Template Engine.

Simplified Coding System of the Laravel Framework

Business and Industries that Deploy Laravel Framework

Due to its capabilities and advantages, many industries and companies utilize Laravel to develop their processes. Let’s examine those companies.

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1. Businesses that require Enterprise-Level Applications

Other than the banks there are many industries that require enterprise-level software. This includes entertainment along with healthcare, eCommerce, and many others that require high volumes of data processing, traffic and complex processes. Laravel effortlessly handles all of these issues better than the other PHP alternatives on the market by utilizing features such as Event Broadcasting, Service Container and baked-in queue systems and many more.

As we’ve also talked about eCommerce, it’s clear that Laravel is also a platform for the development of applications that utilize the micro-services architecture. The micro services architecture is comprised of several functionally independent modules that are combined to create a large application that is efficient and scalable. This is accomplished through Laravels Lumen framework.

Examples of companies that use Laravel Framework:

  1. BBC
  2. 9GAG
  3. Pfizer
  4. Crowdcube
  5. Lenovo
  6. FedEX and many more

2. Businesses that involve Backend Data Management

This includes the creation of websites, content-based apps CRM platforms, and other. Laravel provides two viable options to build websites of this kind. You can utilize Laravel and connect it to an existing CMS such as WordPress or Drupal or design a new site from the ground up. The benefit of the latter option is that it permits scaling.

Regarding the possibility of scaling, Laravel is ideal for companies which are small or medium-sized currently, but could expand in size. Since it is compatible with micro services it is possible to go ahead and create a website immediately and be confident that you will be able to scale without a problem as you expand in the months ahead.

Final Thoughts

So, this is an introduction to the fundamentals of Laravel offers, along with its benefits and features as well as the kinds of companies Laravel is specifically designed to. If your company falls into one of these categories, you should know that Laravel is the best PHP framework.

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