What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Printers

The printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the fifteenth century, and this is when modern printing began. However, the history of printing can be traced back far further. Commercial Printers are regarded as one of the most reliable types of printers. The discovery of many ancient artefacts suggests that the earliest known instances of printing could date back to 3000 B.C. Whatever time frame you choose to focus on, we can all agree that the world today would be significantly different if office printers had not been invented.

Office Printer

What are the different types of commercial printing?

Every company, large or small, must market new services and goods in order to increase sales and achieve growth. On one extreme end of commercial printing, Businesses tend to use offset printers such as those manufactured by Heidelberg. These are useful for printing magazines and very large volumes of several million documents per month. On the higher end we have the production printers generally used by large businesses for volumes of around 50,000 to 200,000 prints per month. Finally, we have the office printers we are all accustomed to for volumes of 1,000 to 40,000 monthly prints.

What is the definition of commercial printing?

Commercial printing entails the production of a wide range of products, including posters, books, periodicals, newsletters, catalogues, and such. The artwork/design is transfer from a computer or digital format onto various media using commercial printers. Commercial printing aids in the creation of a professional product or service image by assisting with marketing, advertising, retail, and publishing, all of which contribute to a positive impression of your product and service.

Types of Commercial Printing:

Large Format Printing

Wide Format Printer

Large format printer, often known as wide-format printing, entails producing large size printouts of 23 inches wide and more on different types of media. If you want to draw attention to your business or product. You can utilize this form of commercial printing for making banners, rollups and various signage. You will generally see these large format prints in malls, offices and roadside advertisements. There are numerous advertising/marketing advantages for large size posters and banners in order to more effectively promote your products and services. Certain printers also work with waterproof/UV resistant media and are suitable for outdoor use.

Digitized Printing


One of the most common types of commercial printing is digital printing. It offers you the benefits of affordable prices and good quality. With full-color printers, digital printing will help you produce high-quality results and a high volume print output. New higher end digital printing machines are slowly catching up to offer the speed and productivity of offset printers (especially when using multiple machines in tandem). This will allow you to produce a higher number of monthly prints with a much lower initial cost of investment. Digital printing is use to print banners, office documents, package labels, magazines, and any other item that requires a high level of productivity and quality.

Inkjet printers for professionals

Inkjet Printer

Professional inkjet printers are available in a wide range of models, media formats and are designed exclusively for professional use. For example, Professional photo printers as the name suggest are ideal for photo quality posters. Inkjet office printers are ideal for small format or A3/A4 office documents.


Another type of commercial printing that are use for packaging or uneven surfaces is flexographic printing. The printing image is include on the inked rubber plate, which aids in its transfer to the printing surface. Flexographic printing is known for its quick drying and high speed of production in addition to offering you high-quality prints. The most notable feature about this technology is that it can print on a variety of materials, including cellophane, metals, plastic, and just about anything else.

Lithography by Offset

If you want to achieve high volume output, offset lithography is one of the best technologies to use. Metal plates with images are use to create master plates, which are then transfer to rollers and then on to the final media. Because of the elasticity of the rubber plates, you may easily print on thick or flat-surfaced media like wood, fabric, and canvas. Rolls of paper are generally use with these types of printing equipment, allowing you to produce large and high-quality prints.

Commercial printing equipment can be use to print on a variety of materials, including garments and textiles, glass, metal, paper, and plastic.

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