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What color to associate with dark oak wood?

Wood is a noble material that sublimates all interiors. Dark oak, in particular, is an essence that brings nobility, authenticity and elegance to your decoration. For this, it is important to associate it with the right colors. Indeed, the rendering of your decor will be very different depending on the colors chosen. In this article, find out which color to pair with dark oak wood.


White is frequently used to paint the walls since it goes with all materials and colors. It is often considered the ideal backdrop for decorating your interior. With this timeless shade, no faux pas is possible! The white color knows how to bring luminosity and highlight the dark oak wood just like the other species. Whether you have wooden furniture, parquet or exposed beams in a dark color, these elements will be sublimated thanks to the nice contrast offered. Installing beautiful oak furniture or wooden accessories in a white room will undoubtedly draw the eye to the object and make it one of the centerpieces of your decoration.


Gray is another timeless color that, depending on its shade, brings softness or character to your interior. Among the trends, anthracite grey, one of the flagship colors of the industrial style, especially if you opt for a waxed concrete effect. Industrial decoration likes to play with materials by mixing metal, concrete or even dark wood: three materials that are basics of this decoration. Combining gray and dark wood can therefore be ideal for a kitchen or living room in a industrial style.

Gray is also a popular color in a contemporary or even downright design decoration. By playing with the nuances you will obtain totally different interiors. Unlike anthracite gray which tends to bring character to a room, a light gray will soften it for a cozy and zen look. It is particularly appreciated in Scandinavian interiors. This is also the case for blue gray. These are perfect tones for a bedroom or living room! By combining these light colors with dark wood furniture, there is no doubt that the spirit of relaxation will be there!


The taupe color is another neutral tone, obtained with a mixture of gray and brown. This color goes well with all wood tones and helps bring a touch of modern sophistication to a room. Indeed, the taupe is frequently found in refined decorations or design. This color also integrates interiors with a natural spirit. It is very appreciated because it invites appeasement. Combined with dark oak furniture and decorative elements with pastel or white tones, the taupe color will easily embellish a bedroom or living room.


Black has an undeniable charm. With dark wood, it forms a combination of modernity. The industrial decoration has made this wedding one of its basics. However, there are other ways to bring them together. If you paint the walls black and the parquet is dark oak, you will get an elegant base, perfect for a designer decoration. We advise you to favor this combination in a room with large bay windows. Indeed, dark tones on the walls should be avoided in a dark room. You can also introduce a bright color, such as red, to warm up this duo.


Superb with wood, the blue color comes in many shades to exploit. Which one to favor with dark oak? Peacock blue and duck blue are the ideal colors. These two shades are quite close, the duck blue being lighter. These deep colors will bring out your wooden furniture as well as your decorative objects. Midnight blue is asserting itself as a good alternative to black. This dark and deep blue darkens a room much less and also sublimates the material with elegance. In a bedroom, the association of midnight blue with wood creates an atmosphere conducive to rest.


Purple is becoming more and more common in interior decoration. Indeed, these notes imbued with sweetness evoke dreams, meditation and invite relaxation. However, it is used rather sparingly. Only one wall painted in this shade, no more! Otherwise, make reminders of this feel good color thanks to well-placed decorative accessories or pretty bouquets of flowers made up of lilacs for example. We love the combination of purple and wooden furniture, because it energizes the interior and gives it personality. It is no coincidence that this shade is appreciated in Feng Shui decoration. Browse models now at Homary.


Green goes perfectly with all types of wood, just as it does in nature! Thus, combining green with dark oak wood brings an authentic and natural side to any room. Each shade will have its benefits. A light green, like almond green, will lighten the sometimes hard side of dark wood. The latter illuminates and contrasts nicely with the material. A dark green like fir green brings elegance and modernity. It is a dark color that should be modulated with touches of white, for example, to restore clarity to your interior.


Bright and warm, yellow plays on contrast when combined with dark oak wood. Which yellow to choose? Mustard yellow has been causing a sensation for several years: it energizes your decor. This tone has the advantage of being easier to adopt than a bright yellow. It is suitable for many styles: Scandinavian, bohemian, design, etc. Yellow is rarely used throughout a room. It is easier to handle it in small steps. On a section of wall, or with an accessory, such as a beautiful carpet on a parquet floor, which will sublimate it.


Red is making a big comeback in certain rooms in the house, such as kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. Accompanied by dark wood furniture, brick red, in particular, superbly dresses a contemporary decoration. Bright red or burgundy are also very popular shades. If you choose these shades, they should warm up without eating up all the space. We advise you to use them in small touches with dark oak furniture, parquet or another wooden decorative accessory for an interior in perfect harmony.


The orange color embodies dynamism par excellence! Dark, exotic woods, or oak stand out perfectly on an orange wall. They catch the eye and thus reveal all their brilliance. If you like the retro and pop side, marry old wooden furniture with a touch of orange. This vintage trend gives a vibrant and warm side to your kitchen.

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