What Factors Make Your Custom Essential Oil Boxes Difficult To Sell?

There are instances when brand makers believe they have achieved all they are meant to do. But still, they are not able to increase their sales. They believe they have created high-quality essential oils by conceptualizing and designing them. They believe they have a packing box in which they can display their oils. And this may cause any issue. We are talking about some basic boxes.

There isn’t anything outstanding other than custom essential oil boxes that may change the tables to the brand’s advantage. Alternatively, you can sell the items without difficulty. Because these companies aren’t aware that the product they’re attempting to promote is concealed beneath these mundane packaging. How can they expect to sell if they couldn’t even make the packaging interesting or appealing?

Custom Packaging with Unfavorable Characteristics

When your package isn’t performing its function properly, you need to know that anything is wrong with it. And it’s up to you to figure it out. So we’ll attempt to find out what you could be lacking in your essential oil packaging boxes that generate all of these problems or chaos. It’s quite likely that it’s one of the following:

You Didn’t Take into Account the Factor of Sustainability.

Customers regard organizations that are unconcerned about the environment to be unappealing. And, as the ‘Green’ component has grown in importance, people have become more selective in their selections.

As a result, they don’t want to create any garbage or buy anything that will harm nature. In other terms, they would like the custom essential oil packaging to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. You’re doomed if you have anything that doesn’t fit within that category.

You desire your packaging to be environmentally friendly. You wish to use reusable, recyclable, or disposable packaging. This is what buyers will find appealing. It’s not simply the box design that’s stunning and enticing.

Packaging Look Needs To Be Updated

You must adhere to current trends rather than those from the past. For example, if you want custom essential oil boxes to be appealing and interesting, they should be stylish and latest. You should not consider a design that is reminiscent of the 1950s. You are well aware that you are no longer in that period.

Isn’t your audience the same way? It’ll never be enchanted by something that doesn’t exist anymore. What we’re getting at is that your packaging has to be changed. It’s got to be anything from the last several years.

It has to be something that the clients want or like. Consider what would entice your potential purchasers. It would be good to do an extensive study on current trends for this purpose. As a result, you must design the package accordingly. If you don’t change your packaging, you’ll quickly lose consumers.

The Packaging Design must be both Exciting and Inviting

Do you believe you’ll be drawn to something that doesn’t appeal to you? Will you gaze at something drab and uninteresting? We think you’d say no to that proposition. Customers would be in the same boat.

They will never choose anything that is not enticing or tempting. They’re looking for something intriguing and adventurous. They are anticipating the most exciting and unforgettable unwrapping experience ever.

In other words, they want essential oil packaging boxes that can elevate their unpacking experience to the next level. When a package fails to capture the attention of clients, it is considered a poor decision. As a result, you’ll have to work a bit more on the box design. Choose something that will quickly catch the eye of customers as they scan the shelves.

Product and Packaging Design Must Be In Perfect Harmony

Don’t mistake designing custom essential oil boxes that have nothing similar to the product inside. To put it another way, the package and the substance are entirely different. Any brand would make a huge mistake if they did this.

Because this will lead people to believe that the business just grabbed a random packing box and tossed the goods inside carelessly, if you do so, you’re giving your customers the wrong idea.

As a result, you must ensure that there is a balance between your package and product. Everything should be in perfect harmony, including the context, colors, images, design, and style. There must be harmony for the world to realize that you have designed the packaging specifically for the product.

Packaging Content Must Be Accurate, Relevant, and Readable

You must ensure that your company and product information on the custom essential oil boxes is correct. You will irritate the buyers with anything that is wrong, fraudulent, false, irrelevant, or unclear. Furthermore, people will believe that you are just interested in making sales and not their attention or connection. For that reason, they would not want to purchase from you again.

Similarly, you must ensure that you are using the proper typeface and size on the custom boxes. The typeface must be readable. Customers can read what’s written since the font is large enough.

If the text is too tiny, they won’t be able to read it. It will irritate your customers. They will abandon your product in favor of another from a different manufacturer. This is most likely the last thing you want to happen. You’re allowing your rivalry to take the lead from you.


Now that you’re aware of these variables, you should know that your custom printed boxes must have several specific features that will help your company stand out. To increase sales, the packaging must be professional in looks.

At Fast Custom Boxes, we take care of all the things mentioned in this article above while making custom wholesale boxes for you. You may talk to our engineers any time you want. They will love to help you in making your boxes according to the trends. Moreover, our rates are also budget-friendly.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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