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What is the treatment for spine fractures?

When suffering from a spine compression fracture, the option of treatment gets limited. Spine fractures often lead to serious pain, which is literally intolerable. Normally, spine fractures heal within three to four months. However, if the problem is serious, your doctor might recommend non-surgical or surgical treatments. Here are some of the treatment options that you can choose from depending on the severity of your condition. 

Pain medications

If your case is not serious, then opting for over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen is definitely effective. However, before you start taking the medications, make sure to consult with your doctor. If you have persistent pain, which is intense, your doctor might recommend a stronger medication. 

At times, if fractures do not require spine surgery and the hormone calcitonin does the work. Moreover, various studies showed that the hormone pain killers also helps in relieving the pain that happens due to compression fractures. Hence, pain medications are one of the primary solutions for spine fractures, especially if your case is not too serious. 


Nothing works better than physical therapies. If your doctor suggests a non-surgical treatment for your spine fracture, it is best to opt for physiotherapy treatments. You will come across many rehab programs that offer scientific therapies. Therapists will help you to indulge in workouts that will help in strengthening your back. As a result, you will be able to avoid any compression fractures. 

Talk to your doctor about the perfect weight-bearing workout like yoga, walking, or dancing. The best spine surgeon in India recommends practicing tai chi since it helps in enhancing the falls that cause fractures. Practicing tai chi along with other strengthening workouts will no doubt help in making your overall structure strong.

Back bracing

At times, back bracing also helps in giving external support for limiting the movement of the fractured vertebrae. It is similar to applying a cast on any broken wrist. Besides, the best part of the back brace helps in limiting spine-related motion significantly. Therefore, it efficiently aids in reducing pain. The best spine surgeon in India recommends back bracing.


Surgical treatments are yet another one of the effective options when it comes to treating spinal fractures. If the chronic pain due to spinal compression fracture persists even after the physiotherapy or medications, it is best to move towards the next step. Vertebroplasty is quite effective for relieving pain due to spinal compression fracture. Moreover, it helps in stabilizing the fracture as well. 

Some of the best hospitals for spine surgery in India provide the advantage of Vertebroplasty. In this procedure, a needle is put in the damaged vertebrae. After that, X-rays are done for ensuring accuracy. Next, the doctors inject the bone cement mixture into the fractured vertebrae. Within 10 minutes, the mix hardens and within the next day, the patient is released.


Kyphoplasty is once again useful as well as it helps in fixing the bone deformity. Apart from that, it also helps in relieving pain, which occurs due to spinal compression. In this procedure, a small tube is inserted through the damaged vertebrae. X-ray is done to confirm the accuracy. 

Next, a thin catheter tube is inserted that has a balloon attached to the tip of it is inserted in the vertebra. The balloon is inflated for making a cavity where liquid bone cement is injected. Once the mixture is inserted, it is deflated as well as removed. Within ten minutes, the mixture hardens. 

Some of the best spine surgery in India offer Kyphoplasty, which is quite amazing and it helps in solving spine fractures. However, Kyphoplasty requires some time to recover.

Spinal fusion surgery

Spinal fusion surgery is utilized for spinal compression for removing motion between vertebrae. This surgical procedure helps in relieving pain and holds two vertebrae together for keeping it in the right position. Metal screws through a small tube of bone inside the vertebrae. These screws are attached along with the metal plates since it holds your vertebrae in place. Spinal fusion surgery is one of the best spine surgery that you can opt for. 

Hence, these are some of the best spine fracture treatments that you must opt for if you want to fix your spine fracture.

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