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What Istanbul tour guides suggest to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul tour guides often say that this place has the most beautiful terrain in the whole world, obviously, it is subjective, but let’s get a bit more in-depth with what they are trying to say.

One of the main things that makes Istanbul an astounding place to visit is its natural diversity. Some places it’s quiet, in others – crowdy, with plenty of people from different cultural backgrounds living in harmony.

Most who visit the city agree that it only takes a couple of days to really appreciate it and make it one of the most memorable places they ever visited.

Myths about the dangerous places in the city

With Turkey being in consistent headlines worldwide for its politics, it’s often that Istanbul is shown in a negative light where there are plenty of dangers, crime or even potential terrorist attacks, however this not true.


Many cities in Europe suffer from the same potential dangers, but no one puts the label “dangerous” on them. Of course, there are more dangerous areas in the city than others, but that’s to be expected everywhere.


Simply plan your trip to the most famous places and you will be good to go.

Local tour guides can be hired easily


No matter what agency you visit, they will always organize the same places to see, visit and stay at. Meanwhile a local tour guide can not only be much cheaper for you, but he or she can help you see the city that isn’t always available to the visitors.


They‘ll likely know the best places to eat, visit and party if that’s what you’re going for. They can also help you by translating something from the local language or even protect you from those who might take advantage of you for being a tourist.


You want to be treated fairly, and locals can help you with that.


Turkish cuisine has its ups and downs

Everybody loves good food and Turkish cuisine is one the best in the world. However, whether it’s kebab sandwiches, pita bread or any other type of food that we are talking about, local variants or much more different than the ones that you’re used to.


Every place here, even the smallest of fast food restaurants completely transform your understanding of the country’s culinary secrets. Here, everyone cooks everything on the spot, meaning fresh ingredients and unbelievable taste.


Again, a local person can be your best to show you some of the best place that none of the tourism agencies know about.

Istanbul is not actually in Europe

What we mean by this is that most people who arrive in the city expect Istanbul to be a very European-like city. 


However, this is only partly true. 


Since it’s one of the few cities that cross two continents at the same time, it’s no surprise that the city has a very interesting blend of cultures from both Europe and Asia. This comes down through a historical perspective as well.


The city itself was founded by the Greeks, meanwhile. There were also the Roman and Byzantine empires, where different religious and cultural values further developed the face of the city.

Terrain is charming in the old town

Another way that the same diversity in the city continues is through some major parts of the city. Most locals agree that the city’s Asian part is a bit more lively. Better suited for those who love the nightlife and people.


Whereas on the European side, there are much more cultural artifacts and other intriguing places to find, including the old town. That’s of course, one of the most important places that everyone should see.


Even though it takes a gaziantep escort bit of walking to see it, you won’t regret it and really appreciate what we are talking about.

Also, the city center has relations with Dubai.


In the end


Today we talked about the main tips from experts when visiting Istanbul. An astounding city in its own right. It will surely leave you wondering when you can visit it the next time. For more information check out

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