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What really matters to parents when choosing a Primary School?

What really matters to parents when choosing a Primary School?

Parents often became confused about the primary school to choose for their kids. The concern about their child is the worrying factor that impacts the decision-making. You may not have to worry about school in fact.

We are discussing what really matters to parents when choosing a primary school. It would offer you insight into the aspects that are necessary to be considered. Once you understand this, selecting the school for your kid would become a simple thing.

  1.     Which Education Board would your child be comfortable with?

You are the one who has been observing your kid since birth. You might know about his or her capabilities. Deciding about the board would depend on the kid’s skills. Accordingly, you may opt for CBSE, ICSE, State Board, or any other education board. Based on this decision, you can handpick the noted schools from your region.

  1.   What is the Teaching Methodology Followed?

You have selected a few schools from the region based on the previous point. Now, it is time to check the teaching methodology followed in each. Then pedagogical techniques have an undeniable role in connecting the kid with the subjects as well as shaping his or her future. Innovative schooling methods are becoming popular nowadays owing to the benefits it offers.

  1.   Does the School Have Trained Teaching Staff?

Of course, only trained teachers would be selected by reputed schools. Nonetheless, periodic training and development programs are essential for keeping them abreast of the latest pedagogical techniques. The school you choose for your child must be aware of the latest methodologies and integrate them into their curriculum.

  1.   What are the Safety and Security Measures Instituted in the School?

There is no room for complacency when it is the case with kids. You must ascertain the safety and security measures established at the school. They should not be allowed to go out of the school premises. In fact, the children must be monitored throughout. Strangers should not be allowed inside the school compound. Each class must have a teacher responsible for boarding the children on their bus, ensuring their safety and security, and maintaining close observation.

  1.   Who All are There in the School Director Board?

Check who all are there in the director board of the school. Prominent members with adequate knowledge and experience in the educational field are desirable. They are expected to formulate the best methodologies for education, training, child safety, etc.

  1.   What is the Student-Teacher Ratio Maintained?

Student-teacher ratio maintained has an important role when you choose the school for your kid. The fewer the number of students in a class, the better attention he or she can get. Renowned schools maintain a specific student-teacher ratio determined after considering the relevant factors.

  1.     Is the School Located Near You?

Sending your kid to a school located kilometers away, even if it is the top school, is not suggested. The kid will have to start before most of the other kids in the class, making him or her get up earlier than required. This would affect their sleep schedule. Further, the kid will get tired, by the time he or she reaches home. Such a burden may not be good for your child during the adolescent age. Let your toddler take proper rest, enjoy life, and go to school comfortably.

  1.   What is Your Budget?

How much do you plan to spend on your kid’s education? You have to consider not only the monthly fees but also other additional expenses. Compare it with your monthly salary and overall budget. Do not opt for a school that is beyond your financial capacity. It can eventually affect your budget and create more problems. No need to send your kid to a private school that charges exorbitant fees. You can find good schools with reasonable fees. 

  1.   Check the Alumni Power of the School You Plan to Choose

Most schools nowadays have classes up to 10+2. 12th is the class that has a significant role in a person’s future. The school he or she studies and the overall environment are pivotal in this regard. You should check the alumni power of the school and affirm the school has produced successful individuals in the past. Although the life of a person depends on his or her destiny, deeds, passion, talent, skills, etc. The school also has an undeniable role.

10   What are the Values and Beliefs Followed by the School?

Ascertain the values and beliefs followed by the school. Confirm that they are pursuing those in true letter and spirit, rather than just giving a mission statement on the same. Enroll your kid in a school that has optimistic traits and positive fundamental ethics.

You may select a school for your kid only after a detailed analysis and assessment. Choosing the right school is imperative as it directly affects your child’s future. 

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