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Which Water Tap is Best for Modular Kitchen in India?

Want to know which water tap is the best for modular kitchens in India? You have stumbled on the right page!

Read on!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore even the smallest things, like the faucets, matter. You might be wondering: How much does the faucet matter after reading this. More than you may imagine, and you’ll discover why.

While faucets may appear to be a simple appliance with little value because, at first look, they only serve to supply water for washing dishes or food, the fact is that having a quality piece of equipment in your sink may really save you more time and money than you would realize. Even if you don’t think so, the faucet may assist you in conserving energy, improving the comfort of your cooking, and even maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Top Water Tap Designs for Modular Kitchen

Here’s a brief list of top kitchen sink faucets that would make your life easy and smooth in kitchens!

Tap with Swivel Spout

These table-mount sink water taps have a swivelling outlet for water. Commonly known as the spout, the rotating outlet enables you to freely move control and adjust the direction of the flow of water. The swivel spout is a boon for kitchen sinks that are constantly in use. For instance, if you have dirty dishes stacked up in the kitchen, you can easily change the direction of the flow to a side which does not or has fewer utensils stacked up!

Bib Long Body Tap

The bib cock long body water tap has a wall-mount installation type. The term long body actually refers to the elongated spout. This type of faucet can be used in a kitchen sink is installed at a slightly larger distance from the wall. This elongation of the long body of the spout allows the water to flow from the bib tap to reach the kitchen sink. Even if your kitchen sink is installed at minimal or zero distance from the wall on which the faucet is. The long body of the spout gives you more space and mobility to wash the utensils in the sink.

Mixer Swivel Spout Tap

The wall mount mixer faucets are very popular in Indian households considering the extreme hot and cold weather conditions in this Asian country. The swivel spout allows you to control the direction of the water flow and gives you the option of mixing hot and cold water to get the desired temperature to wash utensils in the winter season.

Centre Hole Mixer Swivel Spout Tap

These faucets are table mount faucets and can be installed on the top of the kitchen sink rim or the slab of the kitchen sinks. The centre-hole mixer faucets have a single spout with an option of single or double handles. The faucet allows you to mix hot and cold water to get the desired temperature of the water.


Q1. Which Water Tap is Good for Heavy Water Pressure?

Any brass faucet is perfect for installation in a house where the water supply is set at high pressure. You can purchase it from Ruhe Online Store.

Q2. Can I Use Bib Long Body Tap for All Sizes of Kitchen Sinks?

Yes. The bib taps with a long body are most suited with single bowl kitchen sinks (small or large) – under-mount or even countertops.

Q3. Is Brass Water Taps Good for Health?

Yes. In fact, brass faucets are the best faucets when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. Brass contains germicidal properties and it tends to release purifying ions into the water flow now and then, making the water fit for use in the kitchen.

Q4. Do I Use Swivel Spout Tap in Commercial Kitchen?

Yes. Swivel spout faucets in a commercial kitchen which usually have double bowls are the best option. Centre installation of the swivel spout makes it suitable for a double bowl sink. Its spout can be rotated to the sink in which the water flow is required as per convenience.

Q5. Which is the Best Indian Brand for Kitchen Taps?

Ruhe is the best Indian brand for kitchen taps. You can get the widest range of designs and types of faucets to perfectly fit your kitchen sink and the overall décor of the kitchen.

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