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Wholesale T-Shirts – Fabric Types Explained

Wholesale t-shirts are the buyers’ choice more often than not because these tees are affordable. Even if you prefer expensive tees, you should keep a few of these in your wardrobe for days of hardship. T-shirt users have many good reasons to invest in blank t-shirts. Thus, the low cost of plain t-shirts doesn’t make these items worthless. It is the fabric type that adds distinguishable values to blank wholesale tees, other than the price. Blank tees serve an excellent purpose to athletes and business owners, in addition to t-shirt enthusiasts. You must understand wholesale t-shirt fabric types to invest in the right blank t-shirts, as per your needs.

Explaining Wholesale Tee Fabric Types:-

Every t-shirt fabric has unique characteristics with pros and cons. Nonetheless, the advantages of wholesale t-shirt fabrics surpass their drawbacks. As a result, you get your hands on blank t-shirts with loads of benefits without even realizing their drawbacks. Here is our explanation of each t-shirt fabric you may consider when buying wholesale tees:


Cotton is a natural fiber, affordable, and safe for skin-sensitive people. You will find cotton as one of the most usual apparel fabrics, especially for children’s apparel. Cotton tees can shrink if you wash them in hot water. Therefore, you must see that tees you are buying are 100% preshrunk as cotton tees or not. It is a breathable and extremely soft material for manufacturing t-shirts. Thus, manufacturers have good reasons to produce cotton tees. You can find three types of cotton t-shirts, including 100% cotton, 100% ringspun cotton, and 100% combed ring-spun tees. A few drawbacks of cotton as a t-shirt fabric is that it is inexpensive to produce and shrink.

100% Cotton Tees: These t-shirts are rough and sturdy to touch more often than not. Additionally, 100% cotton is the industry standard for screen printing.

100% Ring-Spun Cotton Tees: Ring-spun cotton t-shirts are softer than 100% cotton t-shirts. 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts are strong, more lightweight, and breathable.

100% Combed Cotton Tees: You can invest in 100% combed cotton t-shirts for an even softer feeling of cotton.


It is also a popular and common fabric for wholesale t-shirts. It dries quickly and doesn’t mildew, too. Additionally, polyester can maintain its shape without stretching. It is a durable and flexible synthetic fabric for t-shirts. One of the best features of polyester fabric is that you can blend it with cotton. Many athletic apparel brands deploy this cost-effective fabric to produce t-shirts. Nevertheless, polyester is not as breathable as cotton and can release microfibers with a wash.

Cotton/Poly Blend:

Many apparel production companies combine polyester and cotton to produce t-shirts these days. Cotton in poly-cotton blend t-shirts minimizes their shrinkage and aids them to dry quickly, in contrast to 100% cotton tees. On the other hand, polyester in such t-shirts aids them to retain more heat. Yet poly/cotton blend tees are a bit less breathable than cotton. Nevertheless, poly/cotton blend t-shirts have a cool textured look and are popular for this reason.


It is another fabric, that is, suitable for athletic wear. Plus, it is an affordable alternative to silk. It is a human-made fiber, formed from trees, plants, and also cotton. Rayon as a t-shirt fabric aids you with breathability and a silky feel, and it also drapes effortlessly. It dyes well and is also absorbent at the same time. Furthermore, it wrinkles easily and is also the most eco-conscious option for t-shirts.


Tri-blend fabric typically includes cotton, polyester, and rayon. You can expect to experience the benefits of the preceding fabrics in tri-blend t-shirts. Tri-blend t-shirts are ultra-soft, lightweight, and airy simultaneously. If the softness of t-shirts matters to you the most, tri-blend t-shirts are your go-to option. Tri-blend t-shirts are the favorites of many t-shirt enthusiasts because they are the softest on the planet.


Loads of t-shirts feature linen. Linen comes from the flax point with a textured weave. Linen tees are also a popular choice of t-shirt users in the summer because of their exceptional breathability and lightweight. The drawback of linen as a fabric for t-shirts is that it can wrinkle easily. Thus, you won’t find linen t-shirts in online apparel stores among blank t-shirts typically.    


Another name for this t-shirt fabric is spandex. Spandex is the name that t-shirt users are generally familiar with. Usually, manufacturers deploy spandex as a t-shirt material as an additive. The deployment of spandex gives t-shirts more stretchability and ease of movement. You will usually find spandex as a t-shirt fabric for athletic t-shirts.

These are various fabric types that t-shirt manufacturers deploy and manufacture t-shirts. Cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blend, and tri-blend t-shirts are the most popular fabric for t-shirts. Thus, you would find many t-shirts of these fabrics in apparel stores.

Some Tips to Buyer on Choosing Blank T-Shirts:-

Blank wholesale tees come in a variety of styles and serve different purposes to t-shirt users. You can choose plain t-shirts purposefully if you know what their fabric type can offer you. Here are a few tips that you may capitalize on to choose wholesale t-shirts as per their fabric types:

  • Buy 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts for high-quality screen printing.
  • Go for 100% polyester tees for intense workouts.
  • Choose tri-blend t-shirts for fashion as a fashion enthusiast.
  • Opt for poly/cotton blend tees to feel the benefits of cotton and polyester simultaneously from a t-shirt cost-effectively.

Invest in wholesale blank tees from an apparel store with the best discount on blank t-shirts.


Wholesale tees are the buyers’ choice usually because they are affordable. Nevertheless, it is the fabric type that distinguishes a variety of blank wholesale t-shirts. Here are different fabric types you will come across while investing in plain t-shirts:

  1. Cotton, a soft and breathable t-shirt fabric.
  2. Polyester, a durable and lightweight t-shirt fabric.
  3. Poly/cotton, a cost-effective fabric for t-shirts.
  4. Rayon, breathable fabric with a silky feel.
  5. Tri-blend, an ultra-soft t-shirt fabric.
  6. Linen, exceptionally breathable & lightweight t-shirt fabric.
  7. Spandex, an additive t-shirt fabric for enhanced stretchability.

Lastly, ensure you buy plain wholesale tees from an apparel store with the best discount and see the fabric, too.

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