Why PGDM with IMI college?

Why PGDM with IMI college?

Indore Management Institute (IMI) is the top college in indore and its highly recommended and leading college in indore. IMI has the best experienced faculty and eco-friendly staff. In IMI college students have their own mentors and they help you in every difficult situation. 

pgdm colleges indore

About PGDM college 

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is an industry-oriented management programme with a more practical approach. The course’s curriculum is similar to that of an MBA, with the goal of providing students with professional training, as well as rigorous case studies and seminars, to prepare them for the industry.


PGDM is a highly competitive course for those interested in a career in management. The needs of organisations, institutions, companies, and other entities are continually evolving in response to the changing environment. Managers, leaders, functional heads, and specialized leadership roles are in high demand all around the world.

This course is open to all students of any profession: The PGDM Syllabus is intended to help students in all professions design their future careers. For their overall development, students with a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject with the required percentage can register in the PGDM course.

Future Managers: The nation’s availability of skilled managers is increasing every day. To fulfil the needs of industry, firms usually spend a significant amount of money on learning and development. PGDM course helps the students to place themselves with the minimum standard of the industries

Use of Current Salary or Job Position: This PGDM course helps aspirants in conquering the pyramid ladder. By keeping up with the current market requirements, it offers wage rises, promotions, or CV improvements, among many other things.

Who should study a postgraduate diploma in management?

  •  PGDM programme is only for students seeking a career in management.
  • Individuals who can manage the entire groups can imagine a significant pay from this program. People with strong leadership skills should participate in the PGDM programme.
  • Because PGDM welcomes students from various programs, it gives students a wonderful opportunity to change their professions into something that they are passionate about.


Aspiring students around the world are studying in PGDM colleges indore and MBA courses. The great majority of students around the world would like to enrol in a PGDM or MBA course to enhance their skills set and advance up the corporate ladder. But, more importantly, which is better? PGDM isn’t far behind MBA in terms of original cost and tag. Although each of these courses has its own set of benefits, the PGDM exceeds the other in the duo. We’ll look at why a PGDM is a better choice than an MBA in this article. However, in order to obtain better knowledge, let’s first define these courses.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences.

You can apply for a PGDM if you are a working professional with a few years of experience. Your degree will be personalized to your academic background and experience. The top employers of PGDM graduates are Amazon, Deloitte, Bain & Company, and Citigroup.

WHY A PGDM Rather Than An MBA?

  • The course is tailored to the needs of the sector.

    PGDM courses are only available through independent institutes. It means that the course content is updated on a regular basis and is better tailored to the needs of industry than an MBA programme. PGDM courses, on the other hand, have much more students than MBA courses.

  • Interactive batches

    In a PGDM lecture, there are never any boring moments. Because this is a student course, the classroom is buzzing with discussions, role-playing, activities, and more. The learning outcomes, on the other hand, are unaffected. You may expect to interact with peers who will match your wit and intelligence and engage in friendly competition since only the best minds in the country study PGDM.

  • Boost your abilities.

     A PGDM classroom, on the other hand, has a wonderful atmosphere. You will gain practical company experience that will help you improve your interpersonal and communication skills. Classroom discussions provide an opportunity to put your analytical and decision-making skills to work and grow.

  • Building together a business network

     Internships, business study, and on-the-job projects all are part of the PGDM course. You’ll have plenty of chances to develop a strong corporate network, which could lead to a Prep-Placement Offer. Furthermore, these institutes collaborate with the country’s top corporate companies and even host employment fairs. When it comes to making sure that students receive the best possible offers, no stone is left uncovered.

Admissions to the PGDM college programme for the year 2021 are now open.

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or CGPA is required for admission to PGDM programmes.
  • CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, SNAP, CMAT, ATMA are PGDM entrance exams.
  • The application period for ATMA 2021 PGDM Entrance Exams is now open.
  • AIIM (Gujarat), Amity University, and FMS Delhi are some of the PGDM colleges that are accepting applications.
  • Top universities such as IIM, IIT, FMS (Delhi), and XLRI offer PGDM, a professional two-year degree course in management.
  • The cost of a PGDM programme ranges from 1 to 20 lakhs.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Maruti suzuki
  • Tata Motors
  • Ultratech cements
  • Bosch
  • State Bank Of India
  • Pidilite Ind
  • ITC Limited
  • Wipro Infotech
  • Amazon
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Hindustan unilever
  • Asian Paints
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Axis Bank

Top PGDM college in indore

IMI college indore

IMS college indore

Prestige Institute of Management

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