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Why Shopify Can Be Your Best Choice For eCommerce?

E-commerce is the fastest and the easiest method to reach customers. Gone are the days that customers had to go physically to purchase the product of their choice. They had to visit many places and the options in front of them were limited. But with the advent of eCommerce, shopping across geographical boundaries is now a possibility.

Ecommerce not only brings the product directly to the client’s place but also simplifies many processes for the shopkeeper. It helps the shopkeeper to keep a track of his orders, inventory and also his sales.

There are a lot of eCommerce platforms that are available in the market today. Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce and many more are available in the market. But among all of these, Shopify ranks a little better than the other platforms. Below are some of the reasons that make Shopify one of the best eCommerce platforms.


Setting up a shop in Shopify is an easy task. It does not need a deep and extensive knowledge of coding. It has easy-to-use themes and customization options that make setting up a shop easy on Shopify. Whether it is a large shop or a small one, Shopify offers the flexibility to adapt the store to suit any requirements.


Content is the new king in digital marketing. A well written and researched content can attract good customers. The content should educate, attract the customers thereby making them choose the product and also retain the existing ones.


As the business grows, the range and the scope of products and services offered also expand. The platform should provide the flexibility to accommodate future expansions without disturbing the current flow of work and process.


The main feature of online shopping is the payment options. The clients should be offered a secure payment option. Shopify offers its payment option partnering with stripe. It also offers integration with many other payment gateways making shopping a safe and secure option.


Every business likes to be updated with its performance in the market. It helps them to formulate a brand strategy that can make sure they always stay ahead of the competition. Shopify’s inbuilt analytical tools can guide and assist businesses to work on the features that slow down the brand reach by providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis.


To determine whether Shopify offers a free 14-day trial for users to test its functionalities and features. After this trial period, the user can choose a plan that is suitable for their business. There is Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus. Each of these plans come with their features and benefits.


Every business aims to maximize its revenue and increase sales. Shopify themes have a host of inbuilt tools that assist businesses in inventory management, catalog management, payment options, multi-channel integration and many more.


In a large store, a single person can’t handle every aspect of the sale. But as the store grows, it is possible to allocate various user profiles for every step of the process. Also, this can be monitored from a central access point.


Managing and tracking customer requests is a huge task for any business. A sound CRM system not only helps you track customers but also can send promotional emails and offers to keep the customers informed about the latest developments in the company.


Live Chat is one of the latest features that are more popular in today’s time. A live chat option can be programmed to provide information or to register complaints or even work as the first point of contact for the customers. Shopify has its chat option facility and also can integrate with other chat services


The above-mentioned are some of the top features of Shopify. Many other advantages can make the work of a business owner very easy. With inbuilt themes and a host of customization, Shopify scores more than its competitors.

Features like SEO, advertising, 24/7 support make it an easy platform to use. Its multi-channel integration eliminates the need to handle different stores across spaces. Web hosting and security are the most top-ranking requirements that determine the reach of the company. By providing its hosting, Shopify makes sure that the business can be set up safely and securely.

Although there are certain disadvantages, the features and ease of usage make it easier for a non-technical person to run their store. The availability of dedicated developers and 24/7 support also tips the scale in favor of this platform.

It also has the advantages of companies that offer dedicated Shopify Development Services that can deliver the requisites of the business in a clear and concise manner. A Shopify development company helps clients not only to develop an eCommerce store but also in maintaining it. They can build custom apps and tools that enhance the response of the business to the needs of the customer. Not only as a company but even freelance developers can also be used to improve the eCommerce site.

As the dynamics of business change, so do the features. This adaptability makes Shopify a go-to option for setting up a world-class eCommerce store.

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