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10 Top Seller Mistakes in an Exit Strategy

There are numerous inventive ways to prepare for an Amazon company for the possibility of an eventual exit. However, there are a myriad of possibilities for things to be a mess when you transfer the business to an Amazon business aggregator.

Here are 10 elements of this procedure that you shouldn’t ignore:


When you’re considering selling your Amazon business because you’re not able to discover new ways to help it grow, you’re doing it in the wrong way.

It’s best to provide the company with an immediate cash injection by contacting an investor new to the business or a finance business.

It is time to speed up your profits and sales to increase your price before you place it on the market for sale.

Page Optimization

Optimizing pages for products is among the first tasks an Amazon aggregator will undertake after it purchases the Amazon business.

If they don’t improve their product pages sellers lose out on sales and what they can offer their company to.

Listing Optimization

Since the introduction of the Amazon A10 algorithm there’s no reason why you should make use of keyword stuffing.

Today, sellers keep their ads short and sweet.

To improve your chances of being ranked higher, concentrate on organic sales, reviews as well as click-through rates and conversion rates.

Mobile Optimization

Statista reports that last year, 33% five Amazon buyers preferred to place their orders via the desktop version of the site.

Only one in six users used the mobile version of the site the most, only 1 out of 7 utilized the Amazon app.

However, a study will help you see a better picture. It’s been found that the majority of consumers browse on desktops, however, 80% browse for products using smartphones first.

With this percentage at hand, it’s best to optimize your websites for mobile users. Since your title and image are the only things that are above the fold when you scroll on mobile devices, these are the aspects that you must be focusing on, particularly if also investing in marketing campaigns.

Stock Control

The fun aspect of optimizing your listings and spending money on Sponsored ads is that none of it is important if you are out of inventory.

In reality, as when you are out, your advertisements will direct prospective buyers directly to your competition.

With a sophisticated tool like Sellery You can keep track of the stock levels on a daily basis using Smart Lists. It is also possible to use them to anticipate when your advertisements generate more traffic and when there’s a peak in sales.


In Amazon, SEO is mostly about identifying the best keywords for the front and backend.

They’re probably buying keywords since people come to Amazon to purchase and not to do research.

They can be searched with a tool such as Merchant Words. You can then test their impact on sales with automated Sponsored Products advertising.

Competitive Analysis

In order to be aware of them begins by calculating their competitors. You can do this by using SellerApp or an Amazon ASIN search

Then it’s just a matter of examining their websites and then identifying the stores.

It is also possible to estimate their sales and keep an eye on their marketing campaigns.

Customer Care

With Voice of the Customer’s dashboard Voice of the Customer dashboard Sellers can make use of the metrics and clearly labeled problems with their orders to identify items that are problematic and adjust their listing.

VoC also gathers information from reviews, messages, chats, and phone calls.

However, the A10 algorithm is not limited to testimonials and measures. It also examines the satisfaction of customers and retention rates.

Sellers looking to sell their products at Amazon business aggregators will benefit from bolstering the CS team while they are able to. This is a guaranteed method to provide excellent customer service.

3 Tips for a Successful Exit Strategy

Don’t Be Too Shy To Haggle

Sellers battle for position.

However, Amazon aggregators are competing for fame and attention.

Therefore, if you decide to submit your business to multiple Amazon seller aggregators, you could get a few that are fighting to protect your business and taking part in a bidding battle.

A broker could be in a position to ease the burden through the setting up of an auction. If you’re not interested in paying 10%-15% to learn your negotiation skills as long as you can.

Don’t Stall for Time

It is likely that you would like to wait and ensure that you sell your product to the top Amazon company to earn the highest amount of money.

However, Amazon brand aggregators don’t always enjoy the privilege of time since their funding is based on an alarm clock.

Additionally, the industry is still in its beginning stages. The enormous amount of debt and equity they’re raising suggests the possibility that, sooner or later will fail.

Be Flexible

It may be difficult to make major adjustments to your Amazon company for the sake of increasing its value.

For instance, you might not want to change for FBA fulfillment.

It’s a shame since Amazon brand aggregators would like to earn the Prime badge, and sending a few packages to Amazon isn’t that difficult.

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