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11 Reasons to Travel to Kenya

People that love traveling know that every single location on the planet is unique and has so much to offer. However, if you’re thinking about traveling to Kenya and are looking for a few reasons to help you make this decision, keep on reading for more information about this beautiful country that you can visit all year long.

Find a beaching to relax on

While beaches might not be the first thing you think of when talking about Kenya, rest assured that it comes with some stunning ones. As it has a coastline on the Indian Ocean and roughly the same latitude as Bali, the Maldives, and Seychelles, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For starters, you can consider the warm waters and white sand of Diani Beach or Watamu. Then, you can also explore the Lamu Archipelago or take a trip to Funzi Island to soak up the sun.

Live luxuriously in a safari lodge

In case the beach is not your favorite type of holiday, you can also find a safari experience in Kenya. For a luxurious trip, you can choose from a wide range of safari lodges. These include fine dining and world-class service while their locations will also take your breath away. Each lodge typically has a local guide that can teach you all you need to know about the area, its heritage, and the flora and fauna you can encounter.

See the wildlife in its natural habitat

On the other hand, you might not care about the accommodation as much as about actually seeing some wonderful wildlife. Fortunately, Kenya is the ideal place to see the Big 5 – lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and African buffalos. Plus, you can also spot giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas, hippos, and various kinds of antelope. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter some rare species like sable antelopes and African wild dogs. Before you go there, you might want to come up with an itinerary, as there are more than 60 national parks and reserves to choose from.

Witness the Great Migration

If you find yourself in Kenya anywhere from June to October, you could witness the Great Migration of millions of wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra. However, the best time to see them cross the river is in August, so time your visit according to how much you want to see this in person. These animals cross more than 1000 kilometers in search of the grasses they need in order to survive.

Meet all kinds of different people

While you can see many different types of animals here, you should not forget to look for some friends as well. Kenya is home to more than 40 types of tribal people, including Maasai, Meru, Mijikenda, Somali, Kamba, and Kikuyu. Although Swahili is the national language, there are two official languages and English is one of them, so you should have no problem understanding the people and getting around. Moreover, you can familiarize yourself a bit more with the Maasai culture, heritage, customs, and traditions. While they speak the Maa language, most of them also know English and you can have a great time during your trip.

Visit the Old Town of Lamu for a blend of cultures

When it comes to learning more about the local cultures, you can also visit the Old Town of Lamu to see an interesting blend of cultures. This fascinating town is a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s been inhabited for more than 700 years. Here, you can see the traditional Swahili culture and techniques combined with European, Arabian, and Indian influences. For instance, you can find sacred traditional ceremonies or explore the narrow alleyways of this busy town.

Look for volunteering opportunities

Even though Kenya is full of amazing opportunities and reasons to visit it, it could still use some help. With that in mind, you can look at how you can be of assistance and aid the country in empowering change. For example, organizations like Involvement Volunteers International encourage volunteers from all over the world, regardless of age, to take part in various activities that can improve the locals’ quality of life. When it comes to Kenya, you can work on women’s empowerment, teach kids, provide medical care, and assist on local farms.

Enjoy the view of the Great Rift Valley Lakes

To relax after a hard day of volunteering, you can consider visiting the Rift Valley, which is home to many lakes. Eight of them are located in Kenya and you can admire the amazing views that draw in majestic birdlife as well, seeing as how Lake Naivasha is a great freshwater source. Moreover, you can spot plenty of flamingos at Lake Nakuru and take some amazing photos. The area is a national park now and you can even stay in one of the luxury lodges located there. Even boating safaris are an option.

Let the mountain peaks take your breath away

In addition to stunning lakes, Kenya also comes with some breathtaking mountain peaks. For example, Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon, and Mount Longonot can all provide you with a great outdoor adventure. What is more, even though it’s not technically located in Kenya, you can still see Mount Kilimanjaro and enjoy the gorgeous view. Consider a trip to the Amboseli National Park as well for a fun time.

Don’t overlook the capital

When in Kenya, you shouldn’t overlook the capital city either. Nairobi offers a wide range of interesting activities you can try as well. For example, you can eat at one of the many artisan eateries, shop in the trendy boutiques, and explore the art galleries. You can also catch a show at the Kenyan National Theatre. With friendly locals, you will surely enjoy your time in this city.

Escape to a warm climate

Finally, in case you live in a place where it’s always cold, you could simply take a trip to Kenya to escape the chilliness. Even in winter, the weather is mild in most cases. While it might be rather hot at midday, you will enjoy pleasant temperatures in the mornings and evenings, which is perfect for various activities.


These eleven reasons should be enough to convince you to take a trip to Kenya. Everything from beaches and mountains to safaris and bustling cities is covered, so what are you waiting for?

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